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Keeps Disconnecting from download mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Darkangels6sic, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Darkangels6sic

    Thread Starter

    After trying the TWRP and new GB the ROM wouldn't load. No other ROM would flash so i just figured I would flash a cab back for the moment.

    I learned that was a bad idea. After starting the flash the phone constantly disconnected and reconnected from and to the pc. It consistently does this while in download mode. I tried different ports, different chord, uninstalling the phone and letting it drivers re install...All to know avail...So now I am stuck in download mode until it can be flashed...Any Ideas???

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  2. mkelly18

    mkelly18 Newbie

    try to boot back into recovery, he put out a AmonRA zip
  3. Darkangels6sic

    Thread Starter

    Im stuck in download mode. I cannot do anything. I found many people had this issue. Lg tools always cant continue for fatal error. The phone does not stay constantly connected. V6 cant finish. Lgnpst cannot recognize phone. If it could it supposedly will whip meid.

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