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Keeps restarting???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vgchat, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. vgchat

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    Is this thing picky about what charger you use with it? I have a samsung charger but not the one that came with the phone. Every time I plug it into that, it restarts itself... like wtf...? It does that when I hook it up to my computer too with a usb cable.

    Also... it started doing that today after I added a sd card to it that it can't read/detect... could that be the main issue??? I'm lost!

    The make of the phone is a SPH-L600.

    UPDATE: I removed the microsd and it hasn't had the restart issue? Is this a common issue?

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  2. vgchat

    vgchat Newbie
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    So far it looks like I've found a fix for this. I've completed it a few minutes ago and I'll report back if it's stable or decided to restart again with a sd card sitting in it, since that's what triggered the restarts initially.

    Update: used it all day yesterday, no odd crashes like before. It looks like making that small file edit did the trick for it detecting a microsd and for it's issue of rebooting when it didn't know wtf to do with a SD card.
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