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Keeps turning off

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ProgrammerSGN2, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. ProgrammerSGN2

    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone I have a Samsung GT5300 hope to upgrade to the Note 2 as fast as possible my Samsung GT5300 keeps turning of and doesn't come on again I have the packet data disabled and it is upgraded to the latest version of android available for the GT 5300 can anyone please help me why does it keep turning off?

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  2. swaldrop

    swaldrop Member

    I have some bad news for you... The Galaxy Note 2 Shuts Off randomly on it's own as well, under various conditions, all hardware related. Take a look at this video: 20130413_212624.mp4 - YouTube

    Also, take a look at this site I built that goes in to more detail regarding the issue: Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Shuts Off

    One look at that short video and I am sure there will be some light bulbs going off. Be sure to read the details I provided on that site as well. They go in to detail about the problems that I have had and the lack of proper support that Samsung is willing to provide.
  3. DoctorClu

    DoctorClu Lurker

    Yes, where are you located? I know that here in the States when I tried to call Samsung and get information the pocket they had the reaction that I was crazy and that they had never heard of the phone. Or to say "It is not of our region".

    That I thought was crazy. You are Samsung, this is a Samsung device, and if you want me to buy other Samsung devices, bought from you or not it would be a good idea to make a good name for yourself and TRY to help.

    There is much I don't know about the Galaxy Pocket and that is most of the reason why.

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