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Kellex from Droid Life posted FROYO EB01 shots

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by QBallTBEB, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. QBallTBEB

    QBallTBEB Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone have more information on Froyo build EB01? Apparently it was sent out to testers. Info from Kellex's twitter.

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  2. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    I suppose its a fixed version of dl30....im sure it will be ota in august 2013
  3. wowser

    wowser Well-Known Member

    That is incorrect. The correct date is July 2013.
  4. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    oh ok...thats a little better :)
  5. wowser

    wowser Well-Known Member

  6. MonkeyGrass

    MonkeyGrass Member

    And, just as I suspected - DL30 is not a RC, just another test build from more than a month ago. ;)

    I'm very glad of this. While DL30 isn't bad (hell, it's FroYo!) it ain't "all that AND and bag of chips" - still very much a work in progress IMO. As Adryn noted, it's not even cleaned up internally and has a bunch of typo's and leftover Epic 4G frameworks and other garbage trails in the code.

    EB01 - Would be Feb 1, 2011. I'm willing to wager that's probably the 2nd build since DL30. I imagine there would have been an EA15 or so that would have been the 2 weeks "return of the bugfix" from DL30, and EB01 is now at least the 3rd Gen FroYo test build.

    It's kind of sad, I get the impression that if the SF didn't have so many stupid rushed-to-market software glitches (which are taking VZW's testers to try and fix with DJ05, DL09, and now the new "fix" for the fixes) we would have had FroYo months ago with everyone else. Instead, the VZW team assigned to the SF has to spend months troubleshooting what Sammy should have tested and QA'd the first time around, before the thing was even released.

    Don't get too attached to DL30 peeps! :) It won't be here for long. It's really more of a functional proof of concept than anything else.
  7. NKT

    NKT Android Expert

    EB01 runs just fine, so far ;)
  8. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    NKT any comparisons between dl30 and eb01?

    cuz its another dj05/dl09 i think that might be the death knell for me going forward with samsung...even if the sgs2 is the greatest thing ever
  9. NKT

    NKT Android Expert

    Never got DL30. Went from DL09 to EA28 then EB01.

    It's been alright as I said. Seems snappier and I love having flash now. Any particular bugs you have a question about?
  10. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    i really dont have any complaints except for the rather dumb edf error in the dialer...its pretty much what ive expected out of 2.2.1 from samsung...and in many cases surpases what id expect out of a stock experience...frankly i thought 2.2 would be pretty bad stock (w/0 custom kernels etc) that id have tried it out and flash backed to voodoo5 on 2.1

    a few people seem to have various gripes about dl30, but other than minor things here and i thought it was fine.

    i was just curious to see if it was another one of those dj05/dl09 situations...where frankly i thought dj05 was ok aside from a few bugs, and then that gets canned in favor of a more buggy dl09 which goes out :eek:
  11. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    hows battery life? Its pretty bad on DL30
  12. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    So I'm assuming youre a VZW tester or you just have an EB01 rom/kernel from somewhere??

    Here's XDA's original post with pictures by the way guys.

    New Fascinate froyo to be released after testing - xda-developers
  13. NKT

    NKT Android Expert

    I noticed the "time without signal" thing creeping in after first loading. Did the airplane mode trick and it's been stable since. Still to early to make a determination on the overall battery life.

    I know people who know people :cool:
  14. saps

    saps Extreme Android User

    Wow I miss a day or two and the whole world changes...I love it. EB01 radio now huh oh well. I got no problems or issues with DL30
  15. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    What is this airplane mode trick?
  16. NKT

    NKT Android Expert

    Place the phone in airplane mode, reboot the phone, let it sit in airplane mode for about a minute then turn on airplane mode.

    Since doing it this morning, I have 0s of time without signal.

    TJTHEBEST Well-Known Member

    Nkt, do the backlights stay on as long as the screen is on or does it it go off at all? I know on djo5 they had it right where they wouldnt turn on til you touched them and would turn off after your screen timeout time. Now on dl30 they are on as long as the screen is on which sucks for reading at night.
  18. NKT

    NKT Android Expert

    They seem to be tied to the backlight timer. They stay on till the screen goes off, with the exception of when watching a video. They will turn off based on the timer, but the video will continue to play.

    Actually just tested the Kindle app. The keys go dark based on the timer as well and don't light till you touch them.

    TJTHEBEST Well-Known Member

    I figured it out. I was using aldiko and had my screen timeout to 30 seconds and the bqcklight wouldn't turn off. But then I found a setting in aldiko that had the screen timeout as 5 minutes. Thanks for helping figure out the prob
  20. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    Maybe the phone's sleep ability on DL30 is tied into what your screen timeout is, even if you press the lock button. Just a random thought. My phone's is set on 10 mins, was 30m on 2.1. And I have horrible battery life with screen off. Although the AIRPLANE mode trick did work. Now I get 0s without signal, its great.
  21. nklenchik

    nklenchik Android Enthusiast

    I haven't had any problems with DL30...yet. It's a little laggy at times compared to what Voodoo wasn't, but being able to watch Futurama on Piggymoo and Hulu did it for me :D

    Oh, and if anyone else is using the Hulu mod...do you know how to keep the screen on while watching a video? My screen's set at the 15 second timeout and it gets annoying having to hit a button every 8 to keep it on.
  22. jamesnmandy

    jamesnmandy Android Enthusiast

    Not true. Not for me. Went from DH12 release stock rooted and Odin'd DJ09 modem onto it, then dropped Adrenalynes DL30 Super Clean 1.0 on it, the charged fully and reset battery in clockwork recovery, drain, recharge....now its really good.
  23. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    Dl30 stock kernel vs any stock 2.1 has good battery life....versus seriously undervolted kernels from 2.1 its significantly worse...but that is to be expected
  24. nklenchik

    nklenchik Android Enthusiast

    I'm actually not seeing a huge difference in battery life. (On a DL09 modem)

    Android System 7%
    Standby 4%

    It's been running for about 10 hours since unplugged.
  25. saps

    saps Extreme Android User

    Yeah as long as you dial in it its not too terrible...
    ...but yes it wont be the same as an undervolted kernel dialed in right.

    Im know Im not the only one looking forward to kernel source for the dev's. Im itching for some imnuts or better yet some OTB on Froyo

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