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It seems Team Enigma's(That means our team :D) hopes for an AOSP Froyo(2.2.3) for 551 build has reached a halt .

The android git repo is offline for more than two days .

Turns out is hacked .
Not much info is available it seems (Translation : I am to lazy to search beyond thirty pages in google )
Bummer .


Android Expert
From my understanding, the intruders got in using compromised user creds. They installed a trojan or two, and adding some rogue scripts to the start up scripts. It said they got caught because Xnest gave an error message either to or about /dev/mem or something like that. That server didn't have Xnest installed, so it was a give away. (this was what I remember from Ars. and the site)

Any idea when the android git will be back up? I remember reading they thought as early as August 31, but that obviously didn't happen.

good luck on your development, hopefully this doesn't slow you down too much.