Root Kernel/overclocking questions

Okay so I tried to do some research prior, dont kill me if this question is covered everyday.

Phone is rooted, trying out different Kernels, trying out some of Slayher's kernels.

When using solid kernels, should I worry about cooking my phone? What are some good parameters for heat, or any other things I should monitor?


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The general consensus is that your BATTERY is more susceptible to heat than the processor, so the phone will shut down long before the processor melts. The concern here is battery life. The higher the clock speed, the shorter your battery life will be. It has been pretty much established (and opinionable, I know) that anything above 1GHz will not show an appreciable difference in speed, and battery performance drops off. Most Droids (MOST) will run fine, cool and stable at 1GHz while some will bootloop after 800MHz. Kernels are very Droid-specific, so what works great on mine may not work at all on yours.

Your best bet is to have several kernels on your SD card: start with a high-clock, low-voltage kernel and, if that doesn't work, flash a lower clock speed or a higher voltage.

Good luck and happy flashing!


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Thanks for the info! One more question, are overclocking limits based on the phone, or kernel? For example, if 1.1 GHz doesnt work on one kernel on ultra low, low, and medium voltages, should i expect that 1.1 GHz will not work, no matter the kernel? I have tried a bunch of Chevy's and Slayher's kernels, and the only stable ( long term) is 800 MHz uLow voltage -_- Many of them will boot, but if I shut the phone off and turn it on, I sit there and stare at the Motorola logo until I pull the battery xD


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Each Droid reacts differently to each kernel. One kernel may work, one similar in speed and voltage won't. This is trial-and-error time :)

I got mine stable on 1200 LV but throttled back to 800 because I saw no appreciable speed increase in exchange for battery life. YMMV


Is there an easy way to try new kernels on the fly? I have SPRecovery installed but it looks like ClockwordMod offers a lot better options (such as installing ROMs/kernels directly from ROM manager).

I am using Ultimate Droid 2.5, but I am in the process of switching to Bugless Beast. ROM flashing isn't a big deal but I would always appreciate a better/faster way to switch Roms if/when I want to.