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[KERNEL] PeanutButta Jelly Time

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by imnuts, Feb 7, 2011.

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    This is a custom kernel for the Continuum. It's based off of the DL17 source provided from Samsung, but should work on DJ20 as well. There are a lot of changes to the stock kernel though, and I'll try to list them all.

    Custom bootanimation.zip support
    init.d support, from Adrynalyne, also requires busybox with run-parts support
    Voodoo Sound, from supercurio, use Voodoo Control App to adjust settings
    Voodoo Lagfix, from supercurio and the Project Voodoo team, applies only to files labeled with voodoo5
    Integrated CWM recovery on voodoo5 kernels, from jt1134
    BFQ IO Scheduler
    Undervolted on appropriately named kernels
    Updated CPU scaling to reduce lag
    Battery fix, from SirGatez, allows for the use of non-oem batteries
    USB Mount fix, from SirGatez, prevents phone from mounting as a cd-rom drive
    Stock voltage kernel flashed to the recovery partition, novoodoo from Adrynalne
    ThumbEE Support
    Removed almost all debugging
    Optimized compiler flags

    Known Issues
    Video issues on boot, works fine after the system boots up though. Will work on fixing it, if I can find out the root cause.

    Naming convention
    novoodoo - kernel does not have Voodoo Lagfix
    voodoo5 - kernel has Voodoo Lagfix, create /sdcard/vodooo/disable-lagfix to prevent filesystem conversion
    sv - kernel is using stock cpu voltage
    50 - kernel is 100mv under stock voltage at 100mhz, 50mv under stock voltage at 200/400/600/1000mhz
    100 - kernel is 150mv under stock voltage at 100mhz, 100mv under stock voltage at 200/400/600/1000mhz

    Thanks goes to TrailBlazer102, Logan302, dfgged, crazyknight, and bubby323 from IRC for testing

    .zip files can be flashed with CWM Recovery, see here
    .tar.md5 files can be flashed with Odin

    If you like my work, feel free to donate to me. Alternatively, sign up for Dropbox via my referral link ;)

    If you would like to develop your own kernels, visit my Github

    If you have any questions about how to flash the files, ask before flashing, not after. First boot when enabling the Voodoo Lagfix will take longer than normal. You will also hear a voice when it goes to convert your partitions. DO NOT PULL THE BATTERY DURING CONVERSION. My recommendation would be 0206_continuum_50_novoodoo if you do not want the Voodoo Lagfix, or 0206_continuum_50_voodoo5 if you do have the lagfix. If you have issues with the 100 undervolt (freezing, excess lag, crashes, etc.) flash the 50 undervolt.

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    imnuts, im still recognizing this as your 2nd af post...even if af doesnt
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