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[KERNEL][Placeholder] Asus HD7 BSydz Custom Kernels BETA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BSydz, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. BSydz

    BSydz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    This just a place holder for now. Just want to let you guys know that I have built a custom kernel for our device and it boots, everything seems to work just fine.

    This is my first custom kernel for the Asus Memo Pad HD7. This is a BETA build and I will need feedback.

    For right now there will only be one kernel but I plan to build custom kernels for all available ROMs.

    In order to use this kernel, you will have to unlock your bootloader, install Caliv recovery. Info can be found here [RECOVERY] [ROM] ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 (me173x) [MULTILANG] - xda-developers.

    Once that process is completed you will have to flash http://androidforums.com/memo-pad-h...09-rom-stock-factory-us-asus-hd7-4-2-1-a.html

    Once you have installed the ROM get all system updates.

    Now we can install the kernel, make sure you are running ME173X_US_user_4.2.4.72702_20131128.

    I plan on making a flashable zip, but for now this will have to be flashed through fastboot. You will also need Performance Control found here [APP][ROOT][4.0+] Performance Control - Open Source - xda-developers

    I added governors, I/O schedulers and extra clock rates, but they are not accessible at this moment, I will post the kernel as soon as these issues are addressed.

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  2. Swisaiahag

    Swisaiahag Android Enthusiast

    MediaTek Kernels are impossible to oc but anything is possible good luck !

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