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[KERNEL] ZVC Overclocked to 1.2GHz/1.3GHz *FINAL* [UPDATE 5/10]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ndno, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    UPDATE: Please use Bloodawn's Hyper kernel (http://androidforums.com/marquee-all-things-root/531489-kernel-oc-hyper-1-5-05-30-12-a.html); he has fully unlocked all the potential speeds on this phone with his great work in addition to other tweaks in the kernel and ramdisk. This thread is now obsolete. Thanks to everyone for all the love.

    OK, I have successfully modified the ZVC kernel source code to overclock the Marquee to 1.3GHz. Additionally, I defaulted the governor to "ondemand" in an attempt to get the phone to use the full range of frequencies for battery saving purpose, instead of running at 1.3GHz all the times; you can change that governor behavior with SetCpu.

    Prerequisites are the usual:
    • Rooted
    • CWM installed
    • ZVC-based ROM (ZV4-based ???)

    1. Download and copy zip file to sdcard
    2. Boot into CWM
    3. Make a nandroid backup (highly recommended in case you have to recover)
    4. Install from zip file on sdcard
    5. Choose zip from sdcard
    6. Flash
    7. ??? Wipe cache, fix permissions ??? Not sure, I didn't have to.
    8. Reboot
    9. Download SetCpu from market and configure whichever way you like it; I set the governor to "ondemand" by default so I think it will throttle the speeds from low (300MHz) to high (1200MHz) depending on the load
    WARNINGS: as usual, I'm not responsible for damaging your phone if you want to experiment with this kernel; overclocking can damage the OMAP processor on the phone, as well as giving you worse battery performance. This is an experimental kernel so use with caution; I have run this kernel on my phone for over 24 hours without issues.

    Credits: I know some kernel stuff but am not a kernel expert by any means; this is more of a "hacking" effort. I'm pretty sure PlayfulGod and Bloodawn (and asadullah) are hard at work with their own kernel. Thanks to Monster, PlayfulGod, Bloodawn, and asadullah for getting the ball rolling to give us a better user experience on this phone.

    Performance notes: I usually get 2000-2050 on AnTuTu benchmark; when OCed to 1200MHz, I get 2350, a nice 300 points increase. If using the USB to PC cable connection trick, I get 2827!!! Extra 100 points when OCed to 1300MHz.

    Plan to do: Undervolting to save battery.


    [5/10/12 - v1.5]
    • zvcKernelOC_1.3GHz_UV_100mV v1.5.zip - 1.3GHz OC kernel w/ Bloodawn's Hyper 0.2 ramdisk; all frequencies undervolted by 100mV to get better battery life - Need people to test for stability - Only Monster has tested this
    v1.5 DOWNLOAD HERE ==> zvcKernelOC_1.3GHz_UV_100mV v1.5.zip <==

    [5/3/12 - v1.4]
    • zvcKernelOC_1.2GHz_UV_100mV v1.4.zip - 1.2GHz OC kernel w/ Bloodawn's Hyper 0.2 ramdisk; 3 lower frequencies undervolted by 100mV to get even better battery life; replaced 800MHz entry with 1000MHz for better performance - Need people to test for stability
    v1.4 DOWNLOAD HERE ==> zvcKernelOC_1.2GHz_UV_100mV v1.4.zip <==

    [5/1/12 - v1.3]
    • zvcKernelOC_1.2GHz_UV_50mV v1.3.zip - 1.2GHz OC kernel w/ Bloodawn's Hyper 0.2 ramdisk; 3 lower frequencies undervolted by 50mV. Hopefully this buys back some battery life from overclocking - Need people to test for stability
    v1.3 DOWNLOAD HERE ==> zvcKernelOC_1.2GHz_UV_50mV v1.3.zip <==

    [4/28/12 - v1.2]

    • zvcKernelOC_1.3GHz v1.2.zip - 1.3GHz OC kernel w/ Bloodawn's Hyper 0.2 ramdisk; if you want to save battery, set max to 1000MHz with SetCpu using profiles - This may be a battery drainer and may not work on all Marquees :(

    [4/24/12 - v1.0, v1.1]



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  2. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    Can I flash this to the ZV4 update of Boost Mobile? Or do i need to flash the ZVC Stock Rooted Rom from Bloodawn?
  3. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure as I have a Sprint phone so I'm using ZVC; maybe Monster or Bloodawn can answer that question. I would think so; as long as do a nandroid backup, you should be able to restore if this doesn't work.
    imfm likes this.
  4. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    Well I flashed it anyways xD It runs really well no more delays when launching application ^_^ Thanks alot great kernel so far. :)
  5. micha3lall3n

    micha3lall3n Newbie

    Works good for me too... also on boost zv4
  6. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    Umm I no longer have 3g lol. Anyone know how to fix?
  7. TryingToRoot

    TryingToRoot Android Enthusiast

    3g works fine for me
  8. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    on boost?
  9. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    did u install apps or restore a few after the new kernel?
  10. micha3lall3n

    micha3lall3n Newbie

    3g is working fine for me as well with boost... only problem i had market wouldnt download said insufficent space but went back into cwm and wiped cache and dalvik cache and fixed permissions just incase now everything is working even market.. but i also flashed the zv4 rom update through cwm
  11. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    I installed some with wifi on.
  12. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    i had a similar issue on hyper kernel. Installed some with wifi on, left the house, when the wifi disconnected i had no 3g after several reboots. i restored a backup and updated again and it didnt happen since.
  13. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    I forgot to back up xD (Noob). I just reflashed the stock boost rom then the kernel and I don't have 3g Ima take a look in the hidden menu. Whats the code to get into it again? Again I'm a noob lol.
  14. tombob

    tombob Well-Known Member

    Wow, took my Antutu benchmark from 2036 to 2505, impressive. I'll use it for awhile and see what it does for my user experience.
    edit: using v1.1 on sprint
  15. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Flashed v1.1 kernel on ZV4 Rooted Boost ROM even though I knew the instructions said ZVC only(was sure to back up with cwm first). Works fine and no 3G problem.

    Overclocked 1200MHz AnTuTu benchmark was 2408. With usb 2684.

    Can't wait for a kernel to give permanent usb performance.
  16. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    can you make a nandroid backup of your current setup? cause I just cant get this to work -__-?
  17. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Did you flash this kernel on ur pre-zvc/zv4 rom or the one's made by blood?

    All i did to get this to work after flashing was doing what micha3lall3n did...
  18. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    Blood's and I did that aswell.
  19. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Will try to upload when Im near wifi coz 3g stinks where i work.

    In the mean time what I did to fix my 3g problem was did wipe data in cwm. Reflashed rom, reboot system then flashed kernel. I noticed 3g didnt work for me when i flashed rom and kernel without reboot in between. Also wiped cache after each flash just in case.
    Hyo likes this.
  20. micha3lall3n

    micha3lall3n Newbie

    no lag in games now... playing mc3 with the additional build prop edits and now theres no lag at all thanks for the kernal
  21. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    Ok I'll try thank you
  22. Hyo

    Hyo Newbie

    Omg thank you it workd :D
  23. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Cool, glad it worked
  24. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    I would suggest installing the latest MaryBeats and doing a factory reset just to be safe. I had the same 3G problem with Hyper, but I am not having any problems with this. I am on Boost by the way.
    Hyo likes this.
  25. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    Hey, put up a donate link. You deserve a case of beer.
    ndno likes this.

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