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Keyboard for Tesco Hudl

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by polydore, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. polydore

    polydore Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone recommend a suitable keyboard for use with a Tesco Hudl?

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  2. totalguy

    totalguy Newbie

    my girlfriend wants one and you can buy one with a case for it. my concern would be will it take up the charger port on the hudl or the other one?

    best look on ebay for value but try to buy something specifically for the hudl and not a universal one
  3. efjaydee

    efjaydee Newbie

    I have one of those that comes in a case, they tend to be a bit naff for proper typing.

    You can use any USB (with a USB OTG cable) or bluetooth keyboard, I'd recommend some kind of stand to prop the Hudl up if you don't have one already. Despite what you may find on eBay there are no Hudl specific keyboards, they are all either USB or bluetooth. Tesco do not make a Hudl specific keyboard.

    If space is a concern there are plenty of decent 'compact' keyboards, which feel like laptop keyboards.


    Is an example. I personally use a USB keyboard when I need one.
  4. totalguy

    totalguy Newbie

    good information thanks. am i right in thinking keyboard would use the charge port?

    i have a bluetooth mini keyboard and touchpad i might just try it with the hudl. it was a cheap one i bought for something else but i no longer use it so it.
  5. efjaydee

    efjaydee Newbie

    Yes, remember the port is a micro USB firstly, it just happens to be a charge port too.

    The Bluetooth keyboard should work, maybe the touchpad too. Android supports pointer devices like mice.
  6. totalguy

    totalguy Newbie

    ah ok i think a bouetooth keyboard will probably be a better idea for some as they may want to charge and use the hudl at the same time. unless its possible to get a splitter cable but im not so sure that would work at all because of using usb OTG i dont expect it could support more than 1 device at a time
  7. efjaydee

    efjaydee Newbie

    I guess it depends how long you are intending on typing for. Remember the bluetooth route will require charging the keyboard or buying batteries and activating bluetooth on your tablet will drain power - not a problem on mains though.

    I've typed away for hours using a wired keyboard on a charged tablet and the power drain hasn't been a problem.
  8. totalguy

    totalguy Newbie

    i tested my mini keyboard and touchpad on my hudl and it works. its a bluetooth ipazzport just turn it on turn on bluetooth on keyboardsearch for devices on hudl when it finds it click on it on the hudl then it will give you a code to type in on the keyboard and press enter and hey presto keyboard and mouse for your hudl :)
  9. Essy

    Essy Lurker

    I just bought an amazing one for
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  10. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

  11. Just picked up an official Hudl2 keyboard at Tesco today - £40 - and at the moment Hudl accessories are 1/3rd off.
    It comes in a case and is bluetooth. 90 hours run time
    Only time will tell if it's any good though. At least it is a UK keyboard :)

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