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Keyboard Hunt

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jabbawest, May 16, 2011.

  1. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I tried asking this in the Ascend forum but didn't get any leads.
    I'm looking for the keyboard that came with the CM7 ROM for the Huawei Acsend for one reason, it has a cool feature that will let you drag your cursor within the text field.
    Keyboard details on the phone say it's an Android keyboard but my Optimus M doesn't have that draggable cursor option.
    I also have Smart Keyboard Pro and I tried the Gingerbread Keyboard that I found on the market.
    The Gingerbread Keyboard keyboard has the same look and feel as the CM7 keyboard for the Ascend but it lacks the option I'm looking for.

    Anyone familiar with that simple little option that'll make my fat fingers seem not so fat?


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  2. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    it comes stock on the regular keyboard when you flash CM7..i just put it on mine and my girlfriends phone today..thats actually one of the things i was telling her about,for reasons why im flashing the rom..i LOVE that feature..seems kinda stupid that all android phones dont already come with that feature..but anyways,if you flash CM7 the keyboard it gives you will have it..if not???????? i have NO idea why it wouldnt..
  3. reppard

    reppard Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I have it with the cm7 rom no problems
  4. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well, I gave Better Keyboard a test drive and it lacks this option too.
    Last night I tried hunting around for an .apk in the CM7 ROM that's on my boy's phone but didn't find any references to Android Keyboard 2.3.3, of course I could have simply over looked it.
    Any thoughts on how to rip it from CM7 for use on my LG?

  5. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    i have NO idea..i would think you could just pull it from a CM7 ROM and replace it with your keyboard apk..but the more i mess with these phones and the more i learn,im gonna say its DEFINITLY NOT that easy..or else it would be on the market as CM7 KEYBOARD..i love the keyboard.i have fat fingers,especially for the optimus.its a nice feature.
  6. kekil

    kekil Lurker

    My understanding is that you can only get that feature if your phone is on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread). Is the Ascend on Gingerbread?
  7. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yep, I was hoping I could rip it out and push it onto my phone but I haven't gotten around to messing with it.
  8. dabatman

    dabatman Newbie

    does this option just work when dragging across in a straight line of text??? or does it roam freely like a true mouse cursor?
  9. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You can drag it N-S-E-W after you touch it.
  10. dabatman

    dabatman Newbie

    sweet. thanks!
  11. t3084

    t3084 Android Enthusiast

    you have to remember, Apple(not only Apple too) has patents on all kinds of things, not sure if this is one of them, but they did that to allow themselves to have market control, after awhile the other companies are allowed to use the same kind of technology. it's just a game and the customer is the one who really pays for it.

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