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Keyboard Input Issue... (And 2.3.6)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by anathematized1, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. anathematized1

    Thread Starter

    I've spent over an hour Google searching and I guess I just don't know what search terms to put in, because I can't even find anyone asking about this.

    So first, I have a Huawei Ascend Y H886c (StraightTalk). The screen is 3.5 inches.

    I typically type in landscape mode because I don't have the fingers of a 10 year old girl and even still have trouble being all that accurate, but that's not the issue.

    In various apps, in landscape mode, when I click a text field it goes into a full screen text input? I don't know exactly what is the terminology for this, but here is what I see:


    This works GREAT. No issues but when using the browser (though I can't think of any other apps at the moment), in landscape mode it doesn't go to that full screen and I can't move around the text area, if I start typing, the text area is gone and I can't see what I am doing, etc. etc. etc.:


    Is there a way to I guess, FORCE it to ALWAYS go in that full screen mode above when in landscape that way I can actually SEE what I am doing and move the cursor to other parts of the text if need be?

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  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    It could just be an issue with the keyboard and the browser. I would suggest to possibly download a new browser and/or keyboard.

    Browser i recommend: Chrome

    Keyboard i recommend: Swiftkey

    Hope this helps :)
  3. anathematized1

    Thread Starter

    It doesn't matter what keyboard I use, it does this with the default browser. It's not JUST the browser though, there are some apps I have that have text input fields that I can't even use at all because of the issue (the entire text field will disappear from view and will not remain in view, again, no matter what keyboard I use).

    As far as getting a new browser, I have tried Firefox and Opera and my phone can't run any of them. Well I get them and they install and even the Play store says they are compatible with my phone, but they crash CONSTANTLY even on very simple websites.

    Also, Chrome is incompatible with my phone. :\
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Go Keyboard has a setting that forces full-screen keyboard with input field on using landscape. You may try it out.
  5. anathematized1

    Thread Starter

    That's even worse...

    For one, it takes forever for it to load and crashes often, for another, this is the keyboard on my phone with the settings changed to have the smallest keys possible:


    Also, the forced full-screen input does not work, which is on in the above screen shot. I turned it off and it still is the same as the above.

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