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Aug 15, 2019
I have a strange problem, I use an IRC client by the name of AiCiA, but it doesn't seem to like the keyboard that I use, which is OpenBoard. When I tap on the text box, the keyboard never appears. Both google and microsoft keyboards work fine.

I doubt anyone is using that client, it's pretty obscure, but has anyone experienced anything similar using OpenBoard?
Nice! I installed Florisboard and, while it definitely has a long way to go, I support it enough to have signed up for the early beta (alpha) testing. v0.3.14 is WAY premature as a daily driver, though... but the developer seems determined to work the kinks out so I'll put up with the extra work involved in using 0.3.13. Thanks for making us aware of it!
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No problem!
I have a few very basic (for me) demands for a keyboard, and I wanted to be able to change the size of the keys to facilitate making less errors.

I really like the work the dev has put into FlorisBoard, it is one of, if not the, most feature rich FLOSS keyboards out there- at least on F-Droid.
The only thing I'm really hoping for in the next beta is the ability of the keyboard to find, and use, the system dictionary. It currently has no autocorrect or dictionary function, although the developer is apparently hard at work on implementing them.
I have Florisboard installed, forgot I even had it, oddly, it has the same problem.
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I wouldn't hold my breath for it to use the system dictionary.

More likely it will have its' own.

Then again, I remember that the option for both methods are available for the clipboard, so perhaps the same will be done with the dictionary as well.
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