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keyboard layout seems to have changed in some apps?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by freedda, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. freedda

    freedda Newbie
    Thread Starter

    A few minutes ago I was typing a search in Chrome and I noticed the bottom row on my keyboard had changed -- to the right of the 'm' key was a dash where there used to be a parenthases like '.

    I went to the email app and started to type an email and noticed the layout changes depending if you are typing in the address field or are typing the message..

    However, while I'm typing this in this forum, the keyboard has returned to 'normal' and the parenthesis is back where it should be.

    I've never noticed this changing keyboard layout before and I wonder what is causing it. ????

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  2. LoneWolffe

    LoneWolffe Newbie

    having the same issue on ASUS TF300TL, such as no semi-colon but
  3. LoneWolffe

    LoneWolffe Newbie

    rebooted and now everything is back to normal. i hate it when that happens, sort of.
  4. perih

    perih Lurker

    The Google Keyboard changed with it's last release. Anyone know how to get the old one back?

    They eliminated the hyphen and apostrophe from the principal mode, which I find more useful than any enhancements they added.

    How can I get it back!

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