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Keyboard lighting up for no reason?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by amberb53, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. amberb53

    amberb53 Member
    Thread Starter

    So occasionally I set my phone down with the keyboard still open. For some reason periodically the keyboard will flash quickly. It's not because I'm going in and out of service, as the phone is not moving, just sitting on my desk. No alerts or notifications are sounding, no noise at all, just the lights. Any idea why it does this?

    Edit ** NVM! I think I know why. I had an unread text message and i have Handcent set up to remind me. Too bad the lights wont flash when the screen is closed. It seems so close to being a perfect app and would make so many LED hopefuls happy.

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Mine does this, and I don't have any 3rd party apps for notification. Last I saw it do it, I also had no notifications to check.
  3. Yeah my keyboard will light up alwes in the light but when its dark i have to close it and open in atleast 3 times to get the light to come on and stay on...
  4. amberb53

    amberb53 Member
    Thread Starter

    I think this might be something different. This is some sort of notification and doesn't have anything to do with you actually typing on the keyboard. They will flash all by themself. I thought it was because of the handcent app but maybe not??
  5. Yeah just a different issue. My lights will turn on when i open the keyboard in the light but when it is dark i have to open it 3 or so time to get the lights to keep them on.

    I cant imagine the app using the keyboard for notification since if you have it open your probably using it which kinda defeats the purpose of the notification. You want to be notified when your phone is not in use/not on (screen). Most people leave the keyboard closed.
  6. amberb53

    amberb53 Member
    Thread Starter

    The keyboard is meant to turn off after a certain time to preserve the battery. When the lights are off, they do flash. This is what I'm referring to. Obviously if your phone is in use they aren't going to flash because they're already on. So, we still don't know why it does this. I'm apparently not the only one this happens to.
  7. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    If you play with the diagnostic tool (turn off the phone, hold down call touchpad and end until the load bar turns yellow) you'll note that the home, menu, back, call, end and keyboard backlight are all turned off and on with a single signal to turn on or off "led". So it definitely looks like even though the KB is flashing, it's tied to a single command to turn everything on or off if that tool is any indication. I know this doesn't do much to answer the OP, but maybe something is trying to flash the other lights and flashing everything?

    BTW, if you go into that diagnostic tool, use "reset" to exit and don't save anything. It should be labeled "reboot" since that's actually all it does.
  8. amberb53

    amberb53 Member
    Thread Starter

    But...nothing else flashes, only the keyboard lights and obviously only when it's open. I thought it was because I have the handcent app installed and even though it doesn't support LED funtions on the Moment, I have that setting turned on within that app. That's what I thought it was. Then someone else reported that they do not even have that app installed, so I don't know what it is.

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