Keyboard pairing issue with Tab 10.1


I have fully charged keyboard case, a new Tab 10.1 which recognizes the Logitech keyboard in pairing mode.

it always provides a 6-digit code to pair, which always results in the error message "incorrect PIN or password."

All reference material implies the code should be 4 digits. I've even tried 0000 and 1234. Also 000000 and 123456 (. . . I was getting desperate)

I've powered the Galaxy Tab 10.1 fully down and rebooted. No effect on pairing.

The Logitech wireless keyboard case is made by ZAGG and its the one where the Tab turns upside down and is protected by the keyboard case for travel.

Suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated.


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Please delete post. I looked up model number for the zagg y-r0023 cover and it was actually designed for the IPAD3. Amazon shipped me the wrong model.


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I think we should keep it just in case if someone else runs into the same problem. Thus, this post becomes a database of knowledge ;)