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Keyboard problem. Backspace won't work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mattrsa, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. mattrsa

    mattrsa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Since upgrading to 2.2 the phone has worked find apart from occasionally when I press the full stop when writing a message and then try to delete it by using the backspace key it will not let me which is really annoying and I have to delete all the txt.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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  2. brrrbaybay

    brrrbaybay Lurker


    I can confirm this issue. In my case this only happens when typing a message in landscape mode... Changing back to portrait and moving the cursor solves the issue for me. Very annoying.

    If anyone has a clue...
  3. MajorProbes

    MajorProbes Member

    Are you both on a custom Rom? or on the Stock non rooted Roms? Ive never had the issue but heard of people having the problem on some custom roms.
  4. kevinf1990

    kevinf1990 Member

    this just happened to me but i only see the problem happen on the gtask app. is that where you are seeing it too?
  5. brrrbaybay

    brrrbaybay Lurker


    I'm using the official HTC Android 2.2 update for the Desire. I've only noticed this issue while typing an SMS text message using the build-in application. I don't know about gtask.
  6. brrrbaybay

    brrrbaybay Lurker

    I've just got the a system update notification on my desire for ROM version 2.10.405.2:

    Update Information: 1.Android OS update patch 2.Enhanced multi inbox Gmail support 3.Improved Russia keyboard layout

    It doesn't say anything about a buggy onscreen keyboard fix, but let's hope it's there...
    I'm currently downloading it and I'll keep in touch
  7. kevinf1990

    kevinf1990 Member

    yeah it doesn't happen to me in the default messaging client so it might have helped. that's the firmware that i am using. it only happened when i am typing landscape in gtask. at least i hope it won't happen to me in the messaging application later on.
  8. forwheeler

    forwheeler Lurker

    I also only see this in gtasks using a droid x.
  9. brrrbaybay

    brrrbaybay Lurker

    Since this update the problem seems to have dissapeared.
    (But keep in mind Murphey's law of debugging: "a bug will always present itself, except when one's searching for it") :rolleyes:

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