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Support Keyboard stop working. non responsive

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ehm01, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. ehm01

    ehm01 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 11, 2013
    I saw this problem in many other phones and Android versions here on this forum, where people complain about the keyboard being unresponsive, stop working at all.
    for those who have the prediction ON, the phone still showing prediction words, but nothing goes to the application.
    I tough that could be my MultLink keyboard at the first, so I disable it and went back to LG Keyboard.
    Same issue.
    I could not find a 'step-by-step' to crash. and like most of us here, the only solution was a reset.
    Them today I decided to just wait.
    The keyboard stopped working, I click on the 'Switch Keyboard' option and then just wait.
    I wait for about 4 minutes and the Switch option opens. I select the MultiLink Kayboard (as I was using LG) and then it immediately went back to the application and start working.

    So, my humble deduction here is that there are some LAG on my phone that prevent the keyboard to work and there is nothing to do with the phone it self.

    It happens here in the forum in version 2 to 4, so it's not a version issue neither.

    Many people reporting, with different keyboards installed, so it's not keyboard related neither.

    Could be an Operation System bug?

    Any other experiences on waiting until it goes back to work by it-self?


  2. FardingAround

    FardingAround Member

    Jun 25, 2014
    Artist, illustrator.
    Somewhere on Earth.
    I've had a few problems with my Korean/English keyboard have down times here and there, but waiting it out, or a simple reboot helped it work fine. Even though I quit learning Korean, I love Hangul keyboard because the keys are more even and easier to use, lol. I've had the least problems with it. I too researched this issue of the keyboard either disappearing, or just not being responsive while typing, and that's with any Android keyboard. Usually people talk about the vanilla, though. My guess would be to try out other keyboards from the marketplace and see which ones have the least problems.

    I have noticed that my model of this phone has a terrible processor. I run into a lot of lag if I have more than 2 apps open. I don't understand how it could be worth $200. I bought mine for $40, brand new on Ebay. I think that's what it's actually worth, lol.

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