keyboard theme


Android Expert
I know this is old news I'm sure, but I'm just coming across it and getting to using it, and I absolutely love it, what a great idea this is. I've always wanted to theme my own keyboard and this makes it soooooo easy that anyone can do it seriously.

I just wish it was this easy to theme the htc phone app.


Android Enthusiast
Wow. I did not know about this. This is amazing. Makes it so simple to make a real cool keyboard. If all customization for android was this simple.....amazing.


Android Expert
Am I missing something on the install? I installed the apk, but my keyboard is still normal. I really want to use my cool STI keyboard... :D

Edit: Never mind. I'm dumb. Carry on. :)


Android Expert
Okay, so not so dumb? I've checked the "HTC_IME_mod" checkbox under "language and keyboard". But when I longpress the microphone it doesn't give me an option to change it. I tried long-pressing the keyboard icon, but nothing happens.

Never mind, now I got it. :D