Root Keyboard won't come up


Just managed to get the software update that's been nagging me to download it to instal. Prior to this, it downloaded twice and failed to instal twice. Not unexpected but irritating nonetheless.

This time, the download started by itself when I was on a wifi connection so I let it run. It seemed to instal reasonably well, apart from error messages on some things.

However, now I find myself with a tablet where the keyboard won't appear on any search or any opportunity for input. Nowhere to be seen. Can't type anything.

Any ideas where this has disappeared to?

Nothing really surprises me anymore with this pile of ....

But I would like to at least use it to read my magazines even if it is not capable of anything remotely advanced.
Advice appreciated.


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I've been hunting around this p.o.c. and it would seem that the Keyboard has gone missing in the laughingly-termed "upgrade" to 4.2.2.

No keyboard = no possibility of any input, including not being able to access anything in the Google Play Store.

Can anyone advise how to get a new keyboard from the Play Store into the correct folder/place on the Samsung so that it can again operate?

I have done two hard-resets and wiped everything off it yet again and no keyboard emerges from the swamp that is this tablet.

Also, I am still getting the error message that Memo has stopped, but maybe this has to do with no keyboard being available also? Just guessing.

I think I will do what someone in another forum suggested and just use it as an e-Reader for my Zinio magazines and then get a proper tablet.

My laptop recognises the Tablet so getting something from one to the other would seem to be doable if I knew what to get, where to get it and then where to put it on the Tab.