Help keypad touch tone problems?

Most customer care lines are automated nowadays and you need to navigate through the menu through using the touch tone keypad. On the Nexus One, I've noticed the system is not picking up the touch tones (I assume it's an issue with the phone since it happens pretty much across the various banks/cable co/etc. that I need to use the touch tone keypad. I find the system often not recognizing all the keys or recognizing too many keys (like.. the automated system would say.. you entered: 1234566, but the screen on the phone would read only 123456 (displayed only one "6").

This is on a nexus one rooted with Desire ROM, and calls are made via google voice.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?


I Had a similar problem using a top up voucher, It took half a dozen tries to get it to recognise what i was typing and on a few occasions the keypad buttons were not responding to my presses at all.

Hopefully 2.2 will cure these issues.