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kicking and screaming

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Quant, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Quant

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    Jul 5, 2010
    I was a former iPhone 3GS owner who was somewhat happy with the iPhone. My frustration with it was simple things like not being able to save an attachment and then put that file, and others, as attachments in completely new emails. I had to have third-party apps that saved attachments.

    You couldn't download a file via FTP and then upload that file via DropBox. Someone would have to make an app just for that specific function.

    Lacking a file system that the user has access to is a huge restriction. It complicates virtually every file-handling job you could ever wish to partake in.

    Later I was listening to the TWiT podcast. Leo LaPorte kept going on about the Nexus One. How he dropped the iPhone in favor of it. I thought, this guy is a die-hard Apple fan and even he switched. Over the next few weeks more and more folks on the various podcasts the TWiT network published had expressed switching. This created conversations between hosts and guests about why they switched.

    In one conversation the subject of twitter came up. On the Android you get immediate notifications of tweets. On the iPhone, you don't since it doesn't run as a background app or support Apple's push notification.

    With more and more opinions articulated I began to feel like I was indeed missing features I truly wanted. And with each update of the iPhone OS, I hoped for that feature. When Apple announced the iPhone 4 I was so depressed about it. I wanted a bigger screen, thus a better keyboard experience. That Multi tasking bar is actually a frustrating bar. Email still doesn't function anywhere near the way I want it to. Essentially the iPhone 4 is just a faster iPhone with better graphics. Sure the iOS is updated a little. You get the universal in box, threaded email, etc. And I tried iOS on my 3GS. It's nice an all, but nothing in iOS 4 solves the problems I wanted solved. Especially the desire for a 4.3" screen.

    Folks in other forums started to lambast Apple for it's shortcomings. Here I found myself sticking up for them. But it didn't feel correct. I knew I wasn't being exactly honest with myself. I wanted the features these guys were talking about.

    The odd thing about it is I am a former Blackberry user. And when the iPhone released, I started talking about an open platform. I described in perfection what would later become the Android platform long before it ever existed. I was just telling my friends what I thought it would take to topple Apple in the smart phone arena. An open cell phone platform anyone can adopt for free. One where any manufacturer could make it their own. Support for any carrier. And this went on and on, essentially borrowing from the Linux playbook. I said that's the platform for me. And then Android arrives, it fits my model perfectly, and I wasn't even a user. Why wasn't I eating my own dog food?

    Partly because the iPhone has a lot of polish. After a while, polish doesn't matter if you can't send a file you wish to send.

    So one day, my best friend calls me to tell me he's leaving the iPhone and AT&T for the Sprint HTC EVO. We talk a lot and this will affect my phone bill by not being on the same network. I'm warmed up to the Android so I check it out. I'm not impressed with what I see, but I buy it anyway.

    The first 3 hours of use I was truly upset. My friend was calm and walked me through it all. Download this app, let it run in the background. You want a small font, do this. And on and on. After about a day I started to explore the Market. I read the manual, well, parts of it anyway. I just to get rid of the things I didn't care about and add the things I wanted. I bought additional software to get back the functionality I had with the iPhone. After a few days, I turned on my old iPhone. It felt odd to me. Polished, but not as useful as the EVO.

    I'm a Mac user, so I bought an application to help me sync. Mark/Space The Missing Sync. I use Handbrake to convert the video I want for the EVO. Other applications help me get otherwise restriction content on the EVO. Pretty soon, I had all the content I wanted and was used to having on the iPhone on the EVO.

    Putting the events together I realized this had to happen sooner or later. Apple is too restrictive and it is impeding all of us. A lot of nice people wo write simple posts like this one swayed me into trying the EVO. Sprint offering 30 days and a refund also helped. There was truly no risk to at least give the Android a try. I'm glad I did.

    Anyway, I'm a new HTC EVO user, and I am very happy to have made the switch.


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    Feb 19, 2010
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