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KickOff - Unique thinking game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by slind, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. slind

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    KickOff is my first android game and i put quite an effort in it ;)

    Normally it is played with 2 players on squared paper. You draw a playing field with 2 goals and take turns drawing lines from the kickoff point in the middle to the opponents goal. The lines are drawn on or through the squares. The trick is you can go on drawing as long as you touch points that already have lines. I think it is easy to understand if you just try it out - and i programmed it on Android for you :specsdroid:

    Game modes include Online-Multiplayer, 2 players on one device and different difficulty levels for 1 player.

    I dont think there is anything like it in the play store.
    Feedback will be very appreciated!

    I hope you enjoy my game!



  2. slind

    slind Lurker
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    In the meantime i have done many updates.
    Bugfixing, sound, AI and a tutorial to make it easier to understand.
    Also new is a leaderboard for online games.
    And achievements with Google Play XP. Like finishing tutorial or winning against different AI-levels.
    Pls give it a try and leave feedback. It is adfree [​IMG]
    New screenshot:

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