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kickstand is a great way to hold phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ekang, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. ekang

    ekang Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else out there use their kickatand to HD their phone. It's really comfortable and works surprisingly well.

    What you do is, with your right hand, put your middle, ring, and pink finger underneath the kickstand, to hold it while web surfing or watching videos, for a secure, comfortable fit. You want the tip of your middle finger basically touching the camera lens.

    ...what a dumb dumb, useless post, but I hope it changes at least one evo users life forever.

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  2. ekang

    ekang Member
    Thread Starter

    Oops...the beginning of this post should read, "anyone else out there use their kicksand to hold their phone?"
  3. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    my nephew discovered that too... lol, i couldn't get used to it. nice lil tip though :)
  4. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    I just wish they made the metal kickstand an extendable antenna for the phone. That would be pretty nifty!
  5. it's so much better than finer on top, thumb on bottom and finger on back. i feel like i won the lottery
  6. jxr94

    jxr94 Well-Known Member

    Could've just edited the post lol but its all good.

  7. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    thats cool. never thought of that, thanks for sharing

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