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Kids Paint 神奇彩虹画板: Not good for kids.... or adults

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by sjtilney, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. sjtilney

    sjtilney Guest
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    Let’s be honest, you don't want this app for a kid, you want it for yourself. You might be disappointed if you wanted to draw anything that resembled a tree. Every time you take your finger off the screen the color of your next line will change. So unless you are really lucky, your tree will not have green leaves with a brown trunk. I thought I might be able to change a setting so I can choose my colors, but found this app does not have any settings, just a "save" option and an option to set the picture as a background.

    For the few of you that actually want this app for a kid then you are probably looking in the wrong direction. One accidental press of the home button and little Johnny will be back at your android home screen, free to wreck havoc on your phone with his sticky fingers (I assume all kids have sticky fingers).

    For the very few of you that have a kid that is young enough to be amused by the app and is smart enough to stay away from the “home” button then this app is for you. You will love the ability to instantly save their art as your background, which will likely resemble a bad Pollock painting.


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