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Kies and outllok question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kevlee, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Hi I have been driven mad (almost) by Kies and it lack of any one to 'talk to' about it from Samsung.
    My problem involves getting my contacts from the phone to sync with my copy of outlook on the PC

    I have my company emails on exchange server going to and from my phone and outlook 2010 happily. If I create a new contact in Outlook, it gets copied into the phone when I sync with kies. All is great.
    However, I got a business card scanner app for my phone so I can take pictures of the cards and OCR it and save n the phones contact list. Again this is all fine and as I don't do anything 'special' this is all I need.
    Now the problem.

    When I sync back to outlook from the phone, the newly created contacts don't turn up. I have visited this issue several times looking through the web to see why with no answers..
    I have since found out some new information that might help identify the problem but need help in understanding it.
    If I open Kies and go to the menus from my phone one of these is contacts. This then highlights the contacts tabs for all', phone', 'exchange', 'gmail', 'Samsung mail'.I only have contacts in 'phone and exchange as I don't use the others. By trial and error I have seen that all the contacts in the 'phone' heading get synced into outlook but the ones in exchange do not.
    Can anyone explain to me why this should be and what the solution for this is? Do I need to go to a third party program (I am reluctant to do this as this will cost and if it is just finger trouble then it is a waists of money).

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