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Kies Contacts syn prob

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by skivit, May 15, 2011.

  1. skivit

    skivit Member
    Thread Starter

    Cant sync contacts, shows 2%, then says it cant find device.
    Exported photos and videos, so device is there, any ideas anyone?

    Is it just me , or is Kies getting worse after each upgrade?????

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  2. skivit

    skivit Member
    Thread Starter

    sorry, says device not responding......
  3. Welsh Guy

    Welsh Guy Newbie

    When I sync my Appolo (Android Froyo 2.2) with my PC running Windows 7 64 bit and Outlook 2010 64 bit the contact info is being corrupted. Birthdays information is being transferred between contacts i.e the birthday assigned to person A in Outlook ends up assigned to a random person once transferred to the phone. Spent a good hour sorting this out by correcting everything in Kies transferring it to the phone, then synchronising the contacts with Kies. It was a nightmare.
  4. skivit

    skivit Member
    Thread Starter

    still cant sync after re-install kies, getting a bit pissed off at samsung at the moment, anybody any ideas?
    turned off sync and still no joy....
  5. barqers

    barqers Android Expert

    The only way I ever got my phone to sync with Kies was by doing a factory reset. Now all I do is backup my contacts the the sdcard and move them to my computer manually.
  6. skivit

    skivit Member
    Thread Starter

    syncs the photos and videos fine, just contacts being a no go...
    sent samsung a mail through the website, still waiting for a response.....

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