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I get Kies install failure error 2 on my vista 32 bit Vista. 'Cannot find the expected file.
On other installs (e.g. Tom Tom, I have located the file and 'taken ownership'. Sadly Kies does not give the location of the file.
Error 2 doesn't specify the file. If the installation program throws the error, the programmer can trap it and tell the user which file the program is looking for (which is probably what happened in your Tom Tom installation.

But if the programmer doesn't bother with that - or if the file not found was being looked for by some system dll (library) that the installation process was using (dlls don't specify things to the user, because they aren't written to interact with screens, just with other programs, so all it would return is the status - 0 for no problem, 2 for "some" file not found), and the installation process wasn't expecting the error (you save a file to a place, then look for something in that place - not thinking "well, I just saved the file, so it's there, but just in case, I'll trap any errors and if it's a 2, I'll specify the file. Maybe the user deleted the folder right after I saved the file") ... well, that's the difference between a programmer with 6 months of experience and the ink still wet on his degree, who gets paid a LOT less than the guy with no programming degree, but 20 years of seeing users do things no one would believe anyone would ever do. (You ask "Y" or "N" and if you don't get "Y" or "y", you assume "N" - but the user pressed the "?" key. Oops.)

First attempt at fixing the problem - uninstall Kies. If the installation fails, go to the folder it was installed to and delete the folder. (Delete any files that are in there if Windows asks if you really want to.) Then install Kies again.

If it fails again with the same error, uninstall it again, delete the file you downloaded and download it again. You could have gotten a bad download. A lot of people run Kies (I do), so it definitely does install.

Last possibility - and I hate ragging on Vista so late in the game - but it could be a Vista problem. Kies may just not run with Vista. (The last time I had a computer running Vista, I don't think anyone had thought of writing Kies yet.) That wouldn't be too great for you, but it's very unlikely (you had to do some really weird things to get Vista do throw an error 2 when the file was really there).
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