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Kies Mini Update Failure ( and Software Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by meohman1, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. meohman1

    meohman1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This morning, I fired up Kies Mini (version - this is the current version on the Samsung website) on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit machine. I've had that version installed since it's release and it has been running fine. When I fired it up today, it updated itself to Kies Mini Version When it restarted, it came up OK, but when I connected the Captivate, it failed with a Windows message saying that the Minilauncher application had failed. The progam hung. Had to force close the program.

    Tried uninstalling and going back to current version listed on Samsung website, but it automatically updates itself to the new version. Tried rebooting the PC, no good.

    I have an XP machine, and I installed the current version of Mini Kies on it and started the program. It also automatically updated to 11014_6, but it ran fine when I plugged the phone in.

    So it appears the new version doesn't like Windows 7 - at least not mine. Has Anybody else experienced this? Fortunately, with 2 Captivates in the house, I have 3 PCs - 2 Windows 7 machines and the XP machine, so if ATT lets us have Froyo before Kies Mini gets fixed for Windows 7, I'll be able to get it if it comes through Kies Mini.

    It seems just about right that now we're about to get Froyo from ATT/Samsung, the freakin' Kies Mini software automatically updates (you can't stop it) and now it won't run.

    On another note, I tried software update from the phone (settings menu), and the screen saying communication in progress stayed up for over 30 minutes with the spinning wheel going. I could not force close. Had to power down the phone to stop it. The same thing happened with my wife's Captivate. Now they report that I have to wait 24 hours to check again - which is normal after a check. Can't understand why it hung. I first thought maybe it was downloading, but after 30 minutes, I thought something was wrong. I went to applications > running services and tried to stop it there but no luck. Reboot to stop.

    You just have to laugh to keep from crying at this debacle with the Captivate and Froyo and Kies. I don't think I've ever encountered software as bad as Kies or Kies Mini.

    I'm curious to see if the software update from the phone does the same thing to others and if anybody else experiences the Kies Mini problem after the update to 11014_6.


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  2. 4N6science

    4N6science Member

    I tried to update from the phone yesterday and I actually connected to the ATT server. Instead of communication failed, I got no software update.
  3. gary1949

    gary1949 Well-Known Member

    I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Froyo since the first week the Captivate launched, but I think when it finally DOES become available I'm going to wait a couple of days before attempting the upgrade.

    I've followed the upgrades on the i9000 in Europe and on the Rogers Captivates in Canada via the forums, and there have been too many problems with the upgrade process and results to give me a warm feeling about the whole situation. Kies (both the full Euro version and mini) is a mess and it's just not stable - one day it will work on your computer and the next day it won't. The froyo downloads work for some and others have ended up with bricked phones. :eek:

    I'll watch how the "pioneers" in the forums do, then I'll decide if I want to chance an upgrade. The worldwide results of upgrading so far have shown that Samsung does not have a handle on producing a stable or easy upgrade. :(
  4. Lincoln4

    Lincoln4 Newbie

    Kies Mini just updated on my Windows Vista machine. Now when I connect my Captivate, absolutely nothing happens... :thinking: Wonderful...:mad:

    Never mind... Now it's working...
  5. meohman1

    meohman1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok - here's an update - I fixed my Kies Mini problem. I had downloaded and installed Internet Explorer 9 (Release Candidate) prior to the Kies Mini upgrade. While IE 9 RC has been running great (very fast), tonight I decided to uninstall it to see what happens with Kies Mini. So after the uninstall and reboot and back to IE 8, Kies Mini (11014_6) works fine. I'm guessing that when I connected the phone to the PC with IE 9 RC and Kies Mini saw it and went to look for upgrades, it didn't like the IE 9, which seems odd because it downloaded it's own update with IE 9 installed.

    As for the other problem with the Software update from the phone appearing to be stuck yesterday (see my OP), which I duplicated on 2 Captivates yesterday, today it checked and reported no updates and quit normally. Strange.


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