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Kies not compatible with OSX Lion?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chrono1g, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. chrono1g

    chrono1g Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I'm trying to download kies for os x lion, but it doesn't seem to support it!

    I have already tried downloading an older version of kies (which worked), but when i plugged in my S2 it said it doesn't support it. I have tried updating the older version of kies, but still no change.

    Anyone have a solution? thanks.

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  2. redrover

    redrover Member

    OSX Lion is compatable with nothing
    Downgrade your OSX
  3. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    Kies is completely crap anyway. I'm not happy about the almost total absence of Mac support for the SGS2 (and for all Android phones for all I know) but you aren't missing much with Kies.

    There are almost always better ways of doing anything than using Kies but you won't find anything that is as fully featured and easy to use as iTunes sadly. Desktop integration is weak to the point of being almost non-existent. I love my SGS2 but if I'd know what a complete pain in the arse it is to do almost anything that iTunes did at the click of a button, I probably would have bought another iPhone instead :-(.
  4. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    I suspected this would be the case so i haven't even tried it. For music syncing I've downloaded Double Twist, which is fantastic and works perfectly with my iMac and GS2 . Anything else i just sync with google or leave it on my phone
  5. justabrake

    justabrake Member

    Is it that difficult with OSX and android ! I'm selling my iphone to get the SGS2 I have a macbook pro and was hopping things would be easy in finding apps and syncing as in itunes, use to have mine jailbroken until cydia crashed my phone and tinyumbrella would not restore my shsh so I thought it was a blessing to get away from the iphone but until I read this ! Would it be easier to use windows in a dual boot for this SGS2 ?
  6. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    As i said above, i havent used kies and im coping fine. There are third party apps on the phone and desktop which will do what you need.
  7. justabrake

    justabrake Member

    I downloaded kies last night from samsung and it looks ok ! I don't have the lastest OSX I have 10.5.8 :)
  8. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I don't believe that the situation is materially better for Windows users than it is for Mac users.

    The phone is great. I much prefer it to my iPhone. It's super quick and does not have the many annoying restrictions that come with the Apple experience. Sadly, nor does it have the elegance or ease of use. Android itself is not as polished (not by some margin) is iOS but the real let down is desktop integration. The problems are far from insurmountable but expect to spend some time pissing about with half-arsed solutions before you find something that suits you.

    Everything is possible. Nothing is easy. iTunes it isn't :-(.
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  9. I can't say I find the new Kies that bad, old kies sucked, but I don't see an issue with it. However, whenever I transfer files to my phone it's easy as drag and drop. The only thing I used kies for was upgrading to 2.3 Gingerbread.
  10. justabrake

    justabrake Member

    I don't usually play my own music I use pandora most the time But I've tried google's music beta on the iphone and it didn't keep up with the internet speed kept lagging I'm wondering if it's any better on this SGS2
  11. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    The new version of Kies was released today, so I downloaded it in the hope it was now Lion compatible. It's not.

    What are my options for backing the phone up? Music is fine through DoubleTwist, but I'd like to back up my settings/themes etc and I don't have an SD card either.
  12. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Actually I think I've misunderstood what Kies is for - just music and video support is it?

    So what's for data back ups? Confused!
  13. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast

    What sort of data do you want to back up? Contacts, Calendar and Mail I recommend you sync with google.

    For photos and music etc I recommend you get an sd card.

    For data backup such as settings, bookmarks install mybackup pro.

    I can connect my phone to pc and take whatever I want off anytime, but I dont have a mac, so no idea if there are issues.

    Also for music syncing get isymcr and its wifi add on, syncs itunes playlists like a dream wirelessly.
  14. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Thanks for the response. It is really just settings and themes really, I've put quite a lot of time in to personalizing the icons etc and would hate it if i had to do a reset and lost it. I can back it up with GoLauncher but then it's still stored on the phone. I assume back up pro would have the same issue?
  15. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast

    You can back your settings to SD card or online with my backup pro. You can save layout and icons from my homescreens, but I use stock tw.

    Not sure if it will do go launcher but reckon it will.

    Just a thought but can you access the backup file you saved with go launcher? If so either email it or get involved with cloudstorage e.g. dropbox. Can do u a dropbox invite if u like.
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  16. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Thanks Daz, i have drop box - never thought of backing it up on there, good idea.

    Is kies used for updating Android version by the way?

    I've tried updating my phone via the option in settings, but tells me there isnt an update available. Im on 2.3.3, I'm aware there are two newer versions of Android out now
  17. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast

    kies is used to update firmware and yes that can mean an updated android version. But kies is a painful way to do this and also you have to be patient to wait for the official release.

    You can update to official firmwares via ODIN, which is an easy process, just have a look around the forums, there are official 2.3.4 versions flying about, as well as a beta of 2.3.5, if you fancy upgrading and dont want to wait for kies, then give it a shot.
  18. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Seems the way to go is to download an older version of kies and then upgrade from within the app. It seems the new version of the installer doesn't work with Lion.
  19. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    The newer version doesn't work with my Windows 7 laptop either, so don't feel you're being picked on! :(
  20. schrodinger56

    schrodinger56 Well-Known Member

    The inability of Samsung to provide a working version of Kies has convinced me that when my current contract is up I'll replace my Galaxy S2 with an iPhone!!

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