Help Kies not connecting


I made the bad decision of reinstalling kies because i kept getting error messages.

After reinstalling Kies when i hook my phone up via USB kies says "connecting" and then says "please connect a device" then back to "connecting" and then it times out and says please reconnect the device.
While i am attemting to connect autoplay pops up as "SGH-1896" with some manual file paths but nothing that has to do with kies.

Please any help on this woyld be great

I also tried mini kies and it doesnt even recognize my phone when i plug it in with the usb cable.

Edit - I did try unmounting the SD card and kies found the phone and connected it but as soon as i clicked on contacts (through kies) it froze. Now when i try connecting it with unmounting sd it doesn't connect.

Edit - I have also been installing the drivers that come with kies and mini kies.