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KIES problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cwikert, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. cwikert

    cwikert Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded Kies and the drivers, restarted my comp (windows 7 64 bit) and connect my phone via usb undewr the kies usb setting, and my phone pops up a notification saying "pc connection available only in idle screen. close running applications." any solutions?

  2. westbros

    westbros Android Enthusiast

    I don't have an answer for your specific problem, but I do know that Samsung have still not released any drivers that will make their software (Kies or the old PC Studio) compatible with any 64 bit OS (Vista or W7). I have been unable to connect my old Tocco to my new PC (W7 64) since I bought the PC in December. This renders my phone little more than a white elephant other than for normal calls and texting. This is one of the reasons why I am avoiding the Galaxy S and going for the HTC Desire.
  3. naxir

    naxir Member

    from home screen: menu button >> settings >> applications >> usb settings

    verify that it's in mass storage mode.
  4. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    So you are saying to use Mass Storage mode for Kies? I have Win 7 64bit. I can get mass storage to work for dropping and dragging files from Windows, but I can't get Kies to work. The drivers fail...

  5. naxir

    naxir Member

    I don't use Kies, sorry. I've just had that error present it's self when not in mass storage mode and I figured for what ever you were doing you needed to be in it.
  6. cooley_l

    cooley_l Newbie

    First I could never get Kies to work with LauncherPro but with TwLauncher (default) it works fine with the Samsung Kies option in USB settings FWIW
  7. westbros

    westbros Android Enthusiast

    That's because Kies still has no drivers for a 64 bit OS. Just do a search on Google for Samsung Kies 64 bit and you'll see what I mean.:(
  8. harryzwd

    harryzwd Member

    the error message you are getting is because you are running a different home launcher. get "home switcher" from the market and set the phone back to twlauncher (stock) when your connect the phone to you comp and you wont have any problem.

    you don't need to mess with usb settings, just make sure Samsung Kies is selected and leave it that way. from then on you're good to go.

    i have Kies working on a 32bit XP and 64bit Win7 install - so people saying there aren't drivers....i'm not sure what drivers you're looking for but i believe they're available on this forum and others.

    this is from the sticky at the beginning of this forum:

  9. porschefan

    porschefan Newbie

    Just make sure you're on the main screen (that is the primary Android screen) and not in an app. You can switch while connected and it will "pop up" on your windows machine when you do.
  10. JahFtb

    JahFtb Newbie

    It seems to work every time if I follow this order, use TW then connect using mass storage (Kies says something about it's not in Kies mode change and reconnect) do as it says then Kies reads it, I've got it connect that way 3 times today using windows 7
  11. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    have you installed KIES on your home computer or laptop?

  12. JahFtb

    JahFtb Newbie

    Mine is connected to my ;aptop that originally came with Vista and upgraded to 7
  13. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    OK, can you start LIES without connecting to your phone? If so, what version are you using?
  14. JahFtb

    JahFtb Newbie

    I can open kies anytime with or without phone connected.

    To get my phone to sync with kies I set to TW and USB setting to mass storage, my laptop sees it then I unplug switch USB to Kies and reconnect and Kies sees my phone and allows contacts to be edited.

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