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Kies restore error/cancellation

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by caracortada_uk, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. caracortada_uk

    Thread Starter

    Before i upgraded to ICS i used Kies to back up my phone, now with ICS installed the restore keeps failing on me with a cancellation error.

    When restoring, Kies has three data types to restore: Personal, Content and Account. Make sure you UN selected the account settings as these are not compatible between firmware versions (at least major versions like gingerbread -> ICS). Hence the error i was getting. Personal and Data restored just fine.

  2. jondoyle

    jondoyle Lurker

    Hey Caracortada,

    Whend you say account settings please tell me that you dont mean all of the account settings. Eg Bookmarks etc. I have a gazillion bookmarks etc which will all be gone if I uncheck all of the account settings options.
    Regards and many thanks for your post
    Jon D

    PS. I'll let this thread know how I get on.

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