Help Kindle fire hd 8.9 where is the directory for instant videos?

I have the app Es File Explorer and have searched for my PURCHASED instant video movies by opening each folder in the kindle's directory. I can't find where instant videos are stored when one downloads movies from the cloud to their kindle. I want to either compress them or copy to a flash drive which I have a cable to my kindle to utilize the full 32 gb space on my device without running out of space and in addition to store all of my movies I have collected in the past...including home camcorder my music .

I was on the phone for 59 minutes with kindle support, being transferred three times to kindle tech to tier 2 support to instant video support. All I was told was that a typical SD instant video takes up approx 576 MB. They will refuse to tell me where in the directory I can find my purchased movies. Es File Explorer may allow me to compress these movies when I am traveling without WiFi if I can find the files in Es File Explorer's directory.

All I hear from Amazon is to leave my movies I purchased on my cloud and then download when I want to watch the movies. What they can't understand is there will be times I will not have a WiFi hot spot to download, such on an international flight, or a day at the beach, where I want to watch a movie.

I am not rooted nor want to be. Amazon customer service told me that their movies are copy protected. I have no intention of making an illegal copy except maybe a copy for personal use-- to store all my movies on 32gb class 10 SD cards and then use a cable from Kindle to flash reader OR to just compress my purchased movies using Es File Explorer.

Can anyone help me? Amazon won't.
thanks in advance. I wish I kept my old Asus transformer. I would not have had this issue because it had a micro SD card where I could have had stored all of my movies. A blue ray movie I copied over to my kindle took 8gb so even though I bought a kindle with 32gb, it only holds a few movies...and now my kindle is full.

looking forward to a reply. thanks