Nov 8, 2014
Hello to all

I recently was asked by a friend to look at his kindle fire because he said that he attempted to root it and then it no longer worked. I agreed and though oh the just didn't root it right no big deal should be an easy fix. Well turns out that it doesnt even show in my laptop as a device anymore even go the drivers idk if they are the correct drivers that could be it but eve when i go to the control panel>device manager it doesn't show up under portable devices or anything

If anyone knows either a way to fix this or what my problem is please email me or pm me.

If it is unfix able still please email or pm me directly so that i can tell my friend 'hey its completely gone go get a new one' or 'itll take x amount of time to repair'

Thank ou all for your time to reply and for reading this have a good day.:party: