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KingedRunny v. Bliss

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MattDawgyDog, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. MattDawgyDog

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    Both relatively new - thinking about flashing one or the other this weekend.. Any initial impressions as to which is more stable as a daily at this point? Which is getting the better battery life, etc? 4G isn't really a concern for me as it hasn't quite trickled to the hall of fame city yet.

    I'm sure there's a few members out there that have put both of these through the ringers already.

    I'm not bothering with a partitioned SD until I receive the 16gb c10 I ordered this week - will this be a major issue with just putting around in either of these?



  2. BrianJB

    BrianJB Android Enthusiast

    To be honest, I haven't really messed with runny just because it currently has no cameras working on it. But I know that with bliss they have stripped down all of the languages and removed some other crap, so after flashing with no sd partition I had around 200mbs free.

    Bliss has worked pretty well for me...great battery life, no 720p recording (yet)...actually the only recording I can get to work is the lowest quality. But bliss has had the most work put into it (thus far).

    evoking has stated that he will not be working on either of the 2 for the next 4-5days. So what you have on there is kinda what you got for a little bit. But he said that him and his team are going to continue to work on both roms. But they have had the most time with bliss, so it is the most stable.
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  3. Definitely check out Newtoroot's port also, he's actively working on it and its based off of the same ROM as KingedRunny.

    Updates over on the Mik forums, in the next patch or two it will be a beast and even aamikam is supposed to start helping with it.
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  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    these roms are pretty big so unless you do not mind not having many apps then i would say go for it. the bliss rom (i think v2-3) initial install no apps only gave me 67mb o space left for apps, dalvik cache and cache. but i think that by v6 he was able to thin it out a lot. but you know just to see what all of the buzz is about, go ahead and make a nandroid backup and try them that is what i did. i'm planning on flashing v6 later today.
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