KitKat Launcher vs Nova vs Launcher3?


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I just upgraded my SIII to KitKat 4.4.2 via CM11 nightlies. Loving the KitKat and this non-bloated ROM. I was a Nova Launcher user. But I try to use stock functionality when possible. From what I read, there are (and appear to be) MAJOR improvements with the launcher in KitKat 4.4. CM11 comes with two launchers it looks like 'Launcher' and 'Launcher3' I'm guessing Launcher is the stock KitKat launcher and Launcher3 is an alternative the CM11 developers through in? The problem I'm having is trying to determine the difference/advantage of one over the other. Is Nova Launcher still superior to either or are the differences no longer that significant?


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I think the google stock kitkat launcher is the one where when you swipe left to launch google Now and it has the ability to launch Now just by saying "ok google"(?)
Think thats available on Play.
Cyanogens launcher is called Trebuchet.
Im a Nova Prime fan myself :)
P.s, since youre new to Kitkat, have you tried enabling ART in Developer Options yet? ;)


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i like the new 4.4 launcher for the Google Now integrations but Nova has way more options to customize.. Hopefully google will allow more customizability or allow developers to integrate now into their launchers..


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In the past 24hrs this is what I've also confirmed. Nice to have Google now swipe to left but missing the ability to change the grid from 4 wide to 5 wide to fit more icons. Also wondering if the launcher config for KitKat is backed up as part of your Google account? Also can only fit 4 apps in the dock is another downside. However, with that said, since I cleaned up my app selection to begin with, the KitKat launcher is adequate.

The latest GAPPS I downloaded said not compatible with ART.