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Known issues with Android on the DHD

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by El Presidente, May 26, 2011.

  1. El Presidente

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    This post is intended to be a list of known problems with each of the various official builds of Android available on the HTC Desire HD. This is off the top of my head at the moment so if I've missed anything, drop me a PM and I'll see about getting it added.

    Android 2.2 (HTC S/W number - 1.32.405.6)

    /init process taking up 90% -100% of CPU Usage.
    Effect - Phone lagging, extreme slow down on most applications including something as basic as swiping between homescreens. Also caused massive battery drain.
    Resolution - Turn on USB Debugging. Settings -> Applications -> Development. I actually recommend you turn this on anyway, even if you're not experiencing the issue, it does no harm and if you want to install the Android SDK, downgrade or Root your handset, this is mandatory.

    Lag when recording HD Video
    Effect - When HD video was recorded and played back, it would stutter in certain places. Worth noting it didn't happen with every video and there are no known triggers.
    Resolution - None with this ROM (although the USB Debugging tip above may help).

    Both of the above issues were fixed in 2.2.1 update released at the tail end of 2010.

    It's also worth noting the sound quality & volumes of the external speaker for this build was pretty poor. This could be improved slightly by selecting SRS Enhancement or Dolby when watching a video, but it was still far from perfect. Whilst still not great, it has been improved upon in later OTA releases.


    Android 2.2.1 (HTC S/W number 1.72.405.3)

    SMS Notifications
    Effect - Notifications were intermittently not being received for text messages (notification sounds were not playing). Also, the message notification icon in the top left of the screen would not disappear unless the unread message was selected from the notifications pull down.
    Resolution - Disable SMS notifications via the stock messaging app and use SMS Popup from the market to handle new SMS alerts. Alternatively, install an alternative SMS app (details below). It's worth noting that alternatives don't replace the SMS app, they just act as an overlay for it; the default SMS app is still needed to send and receive SMS, so don't try to remove or change it!

    SMS Deletion
    Effect - All SMS Messages were randomly deleted.
    Resolution - None. The only "workaround" per s

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