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Known issues with the Galaxy Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nj02vette, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. almarpc

    almarpc Lurker

    I noticed what I believe is a software bug in Gmail App for this phone. I have 3 Gmail accounts. Each of them I set up with a slightly different signature. I receive e-mails for all 3 accounts during the day. When I reply to received emails or create new emails, Gmail App inserts a signature associated with the account which was last previously used instead of inserting a proper signature associated with the account I am currently using. The only work around I found is to discard the message with the wrong signature inserted and then repeat the process to reply or create a new email. On the second attempt Gmail App "magically" inserts the proper signature for any given account. Pretty annoying especially since on my N1 with Gingerbread that situation NEVER happened before. I am able to recreate this error every single time I switch between the accounts.


  2. almarpc

    almarpc Lurker

    I just recently bought a Galaxy Nexus GSM version on Rogers network in Canada and lack of in-call notification for incoming SMS and E-mail took me by a really bad surprise. As far as I understand there is no workaround for this issue. Your only option is to constantly watch the notification area while on the phone not to miss anything important. I did have a Nexus One before with Gingerbread OS and these notifications were functional. They are actually functional on any other smartphone I ever used so far (BlackBerry, iPhone (ugly and brutal but working) and Windows Mobile).
  3. jpinsl

    jpinsl Newbie

    Enter this as a new issue over at
    Issues - android - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting
    to see that this gets fixed in future updates.
  4. BigD3031

    BigD3031 Lurker

    Anyone else have problems with browser crashing on links? I frequently crash when clicking on a link from gmail, twitter, text. It even crashes when attempting to use the Google search bar. I usually have to click the link 3 times before it actually loads.

    I'm unrooted, stock browser, and go launcher if any of that matters.
  5. MoPhoMan

    MoPhoMan Android Enthusiast

    You want to download the app LightFlow which will take care of this for you.
  6. nhindian

    nhindian Well-Known Member

    Is the wavy camera recording bug fixed yet?
  7. Paul1201

    Paul1201 Well-Known Member

    My phone vibrates in my hand when I'm in a call and a notification pops up. It's not much of a vibration but it does. Also on my Bluetooth earpiece I hear a beep when a call comes in.
  8. concreteguy

    concreteguy Newbie

    This is still an issue. The trick above does not work for me(LTE). I cannot use the phone keypad at all once a call has been made.
  9. 1arryb

    1arryb Newbie

    It's weird. I create a file on my GN. Then I plug it into my Windows 7 PC, which mounts it as a media device. On the PC, I explore to the location of the saved file, but it's not there. The next day, I re-connect and, voila!, the file is now visible in Windows Exploreer. I've done this several times with several applications. What's up with that?
  10. brounmoney

    brounmoney Android Enthusiast

    Ok so I just got my GN GSM with a AT&T sim in. I turned on the phone and was signing into my google account. It told me to pick a wireless network which I have. I selected it, but the GN would not connect. It is a apple wireless router, so I have no idea if that is the problem or if it is the phone. I had the NS and it worked fine. If anyone else is having wifi issues please help. I just hope something is not wrong with the phone.
  11. nefor

    nefor Newbie

    Have you tried resetting the router? It could be that simple.
  12. brounmoney

    brounmoney Android Enthusiast

    We figured it out. It seems the GN want connect to wep security setting. I guess I want be using wifi at home.
  13. andiroo

    andiroo Newbie

    When I try to share a picture from the local gallery on Twitter, I'm forced to landscape mode to enter the tweet.
  14. raviandsonia

    raviandsonia Newbie

    Already twice in the last 7 days, I was unable to hear the caller. All I heard was garbled / muffled voice the first time and almost nothing the second time. Each time I asked different friends to call me and the second time I asked my wife to call me from the next room from a land line. Heard nothing. Each time, I turned the phone off and on. Both times, the issue went away. I have never had this problem with any of my previous cell phones from Motorola or Nokia. The phone also reboots itself for no reason. It has done this about 5 times outdoors and indoors. At home, the phone was just sitting on my coffee table and all of a sudden re-boots.

    I bought this phone from Costco about a month ago and they have a 90 days return policy. I REALLY do not want to return it as I have invested a LOT of time with uploading various apps etc. as well as a lot of other information. MANY many hours worth. BUT I may not have a choice.

    Many have written about the problems with rebooting but has anyone else experience the problems with the phone?
  15. 1arryb

    1arryb Newbie

    This isn't a problem just with the stock browser. I've had it with many apps. On the theory that I'd installed "one app too many", I started uninstalling apps in the reverse order of installation, and eventually, the problem went (mostly) away. Possible culprit for me: battery meter widgets. I was evaluating several at the time.
  16. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    My Nexus has a font issue where I can't enlarge the font from Normal without making the Mail app blur all the text.
    I have a bad keyboard lag.
    I have a crashy SMS client that busts out with heavy texting.
    My phone intermittently turns off them reboots.
    My bluetooth phone connection has a ground hum on devices that connect to it.
    My Mail app won't play video files, easy ones like .mov even with mx or mobo.
    My battery lasts about 2-3 hours of heavy use.
    My email client displays many mails in column view that when enlarged justifies to a single line of text.
    My camera crashes when multiple pictures are taken.
    Give me a minute I'll find some more. I am running 4.0.2 on Verizon.
    I don't have much experience with Android community. Seems people deny the issues and insult the authors? Is there relief coming or did I drop 300 and 2-year contract on a lemon phone?
  17. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    I have the reboot issue too
  18. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    i also have this reboot problem. Phone crashes on its own and restarts.
  19. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    I also have this issue
  20. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    I found this fixed by returning the system font to Normal. It's a font bug INHO. Hard restart after changing back needed to restore the mail display.
  21. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    I'm sorry I kept mine past the 30 days I had.
  22. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    I have this random crash reboot problem too.
  23. jonygitar

    jonygitar Newbie

    Yes the news/weather icon is busted, weather no good on mine
  24. sliq

    sliq Lurker

    as echoed on pages 2-3, my keyboard freezes on the screen at times; also in instances when there's an incoming call and I can't slide the button across as the keyboard is covering it :mad:
  25. josepha1

    josepha1 Lurker

    I am on my 2nd Gnex, both have the issue where the person i'm talking to can't hear me. Also I have had a few uncommanded reboots. including one this morning, where it just restarted while the phone was locked and the screen off.

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