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Known issues with the Galaxy Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nj02vette, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Android Expert

    Works just fine on mine.


  2. DannoVB

    DannoVB Newbie

    Was on day 12 of 14 that I had to exchange my Nexus with Wirefly and had to do it. Was dropping service randomly a couple of times a day. Hopefully the second one is better...
  3. brandonhutch

    brandonhutch Well-Known Member

    Rebooting issues galore. I'd say I get an average of 6 or 7 reboots while I'm on the golf course using the Skydroid app. Considerably less when I'm not using it, but it still happens.

    Not using the app IS NOT AN OPTION. I never had any issues with it ... EVER ... while using my old Dinc. What is the problem, Samsung?
  4. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    I had reboot problems literally from day 1. I ended up having to reset to factory and its never happened again. I guess it must have been something in my initial app load that wasn't compatible. It was driving me crazy as well. Very happy now :)
  5. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Android Expert

    The problem is in the app not the phone. I picked mine up on launch day and have never once had a reboot.
  6. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    I would say the app is having ics issues. It probably reboots on any ics phone. I agree its up to the app developer to make it compatible since eventually all new androids will be ics or higher.
  7. brandonhutch

    brandonhutch Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the app doesn't play as nice as I'd like with ICS but that's not the underlying problem. The phone reboots even when I'm not using the app. Not nearly as much, but it still does it an average of 5 to 6 times per week.

  8. brandonhutch

    brandonhutch Well-Known Member

    Scratch that. Checked the developer's website and it's been updated for all versions of Android up to and including ICS. Defective Nexus perhaps?
  9. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    I don't know when you last, if ever, loaded your rom but i would try going back to stock or reset to factory and then reload apps in a very controlled manner. I would clear everything you can in the process. I suspected my hardware for the same reasons and it literally never reboots now.
  10. ManDroidMN

    ManDroidMN Newbie

    I have the same issue on my CDMA version. I usually have to end the call, reboot the phone and call the person back. I will have all bars for signal, 4g etc. and others can't hear me. If I have to hear my boss tell me my phone sucks again I'll probably freak out!

    My laggy keyboard is awesome when it works. I have many occasions where no text will show. I have to close my texting app, browser etc restart it and hope I can use the keyboard.

    I have also experienced the random re-boot on a few occasions.

    Verizon doesn't really care, call customer care, talk to them, they have someone from tech support get on the line, they tell me they will call me back then never do.

    Love the phone but the quirks are enough to make someone crazy.
  11. Bobbynhl

    Bobbynhl Lurker

    A friend of mine and I bought the Samsung Nexus, his keep turning off by itself after a couple of hours. Mine turned off completely while charging and can not restart. I took mine to Samsung Customer Service Center in Vietnam and was told that they did not sale this phone in VN therefore they can not repair it.
  12. Bobbynhl

    Bobbynhl Lurker

    Need feedback if you have same problem and how to fix it.
  13. jonmarkphoto

    jonmarkphoto Lurker

    As of yesterday my facebook notification ( within the app ) are broken. I cannot click them. I can click the notifications from my tray when NOT using the facebook app, but once I am inside facebook I cannot interact with the notifications, rendering the app nearly useless. Happened without any sort of update or change, just started happening on it's own. Other members have posted about the same issue as of yesterday.
  14. ronakshah2000

    ronakshah2000 Lurker

    Also upgraded from DroidX to the Galaxy Nexus and have the exact same issue as pool_shark. Bluetooth voice dialing is incredibly inaccurate, and appears to be a reported issue on google's own forums.

    Battery life isn't all-day like my droidX (both with extended battery), and these two are my only gripes. The voice calling may be catastrophic, unfortunately - It's a must have for me. We'll see; I've only had it a week.
  15. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2 Beta-5

    Yes, stock voice dialing is completely worthless as described especially with no verification feature. I've been using the cyberon voice commander voice dialer with ICS and it's been working pretty darn well plus it has verification before it dials.
  16. ray6279

    ray6279 Newbie

    Han, you so right. Top of Nexus phone gets extremely hot. So much so that it became painful to hold to ear during call recently. Will read on to see if anyone has similiar issue as self and wife's Nexus phones.
  17. ray6279

    ray6279 Newbie

    No problem here connecting WIFI tethering. Check all your settings.
  18. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    Strange especially with two phones. Mine barely even gets warm even with videos etc.
  19. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    This happened to me a few weeks ago. Seemed to right itself randomly. I rebooted, cleared the cache of the FB app but this didn't seem to do it.
  20. socialphobia

    socialphobia Newbie

    I just downloaded FB 1.9.0 on my S2 running ICS 4.0.3 and I can open the FB app but if I try to update my status or try to make any sort of comment I get the same error.

    I've uninstalled and re-installed, even tried to restore factory settings but I still can't get it to work.
  21. cheekeymonkey

    cheekeymonkey Lurker

    I just had to upgrade my phone from DroidX to the Nexus. My DX would restart itself several times a day, wouldn't let me answer calls, sometimes let me make calls and suddenly stopped working with to all my Bluetooth devices all within a week. I was about to go out of town and suddenly my phone refused to cooperate. After several reboots and resets, I gave up. It was software and VZW was a pain to deal with. I just upgraded to 4G because they don't seem to want to support any 3G users, apparently.

    Now I have Nexus. 1 restart so far. I have the above FB issue and with another app as well. The apps I need for work are all flawless, so that's a plus.

    I also have huge battery life issues. Had to buy a charger today because my battery ran out before noon just responding to emails. Grrrr... The guy @ Verizon told me 4G eats the battery life. He told me to switch to 3G if I don't need super fast browsing. I changed settings after I charged it and battery life seemed more stable. I'll see how the next few days go.

    It seems to me no phone of mine is any good after 18 months. I think they have an internal combustion setting. I'm of the mind that no smart phone is problem free and i just need the one that sucks the least. Here's hoping.
  22. ncguy2

    ncguy2 Member

    Androids are not for everyone. I love mine but YMMV. You sound like you may be happier with an Iphone next. They are more for people who want problem free
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  23. giannib

    giannib Newbie

    I love this phone, and haven't found most of the issues reported here (I believe CDMA and GSM are 2 very different phones), but I have to say it took me 1 month to find a way to backup the sdcard.

    First of all, this is only a virtual card: it retained the name but it's part of internal memory. Good, I've seen other phisical cards jammed for drop, humidity, etc.

    Second, the phone connected to USB will appear as Media Device, or Camera. So the attributes will be Author, or Date Taken, and it is not a file system, so forget using a sync program or such.
    The file tranfer, as reported by others, is unreliable, changes don't appear on PC.
    Unfortunately, there was an option on Recovery to mount the sd as USB guest, but never worked, and now is dropped in latest release.

    The only option I found was using "adb pull", it's fast and reliable but changes the dates of the files, and not very easy for selective restore.

    Surely this new approach chosen by Google is evolutive, and will prove advantageous in the future, but for now is a big problem.

    I only wish a good implementation of USB in CWMR
  24. NJSmoke

    NJSmoke Member

    Out of all the top of the line phones (RAZR, Rezound, and Droid4), this is the only phone that has a thread like this...... :)
  25. AntimonyER


    It's also the only phone out of the 4 with a pre-release thread with over 88k posts ;)
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