Korean for physical keyboard? Droid Pro

Hey everyone!

So I just got the Droid pro, and am trying to find a way to send messages in Korean. On my Eris it was easy enough because of the virtual keyboard, but on my Pro there is no virtual keyboard except in landscape mode, and I can't seem to find a Korean IME that will work in landscape mode.

I got one app that allows me to type Korean with my physical keyboard, which is nice, but the hangul characters seem to be assigned to random keys instead of their romanized sounds.

So I guess what I'm asking is does anyone know fo a korean keyboard capable of working in landscape and/or know of an app that will type korean using my physical keyboard?


The app im currently using is called Korean Hangul Keyboard (Beta). If someone could explain to me how the hangul is laid out over hard keyboards (it seems randomly?) it would be much appreciated!