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Kudos to sprint

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Charlie Hustle, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Charlie Hustle

    Thread Starter

    Im gonna make this short and sweet. When was the last time you guys had a software update in a timely manner from sprint? They released the froyo update in like no time for the evo. I remember having a blackberry, it took forever from them to push out the 4.5 os for the curve, and also a while for them to release the 5.0 OS for the tour. They are finally getting it. Im glad im with them, though i been with them for almost 10 years.

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  2. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I'm glad Android 2.2 for Evo came out quickly, but I'm not surprised. Sprint was working on 2.2 for the original release but was unsuccessful getting it completed so Evo released with 2.1 instead. I thought Sprint would get this done by July, but I'm not disappointed with August 3 at all.
  3. Charlie Hustle

    Thread Starter

    I know. They used to be one of the slowest carriers when it came to updates. Things are changing. This isn't the pre.

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