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sd card ist beschädigt...hier tippen zum reparieren,funktioniert nicht,brauch botte hilfe....system ui zeigt es mir immer an,bitte um holfe

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Hi and welcome to Android Forums. As this is an English speaking site, could you please post your question in English.

Leon Marco

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connect your phone to your computer and check if your sd card is visible. If you do not understand let me know.

Verbinden Sie Ihr Telefon mit Ihrem Computer und überprüfen Sie, ob Ihre SD-Karte sichtbar ist. Wenn du nicht verstehst, lass es mich wissen.

Leon Marco

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That is good. Normally that message is shown when your SD card is corrupted. When an SD card is corrupted you can not use it and to correct the problem you will have to clean all data.
Now that it works in an other phone it shows that the SD card is not corrupted. Can you borrow a computer because you might need one to fix the SD card.