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Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2 Bugs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jeff C 33064, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Jeff C 33064

    Jeff C 33064 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I'm a long time Kyocera Dura Force user. Love the phone but bought a new one in March from Verizon. Initially it was great then came the shove down your throat updates. Now my phone rings twice over itself, volume turns itself down, if I miss a call display shows I missed 2 calls from the same caller at the same time. Got replacement phone that does the same thing. Verizon tier 3 support duplicated the issue on their same phone. I constantly miss calls because volume turns itself down on ringer and text notifications. Verizon says software update issues since their phone did it too. Kyocera says nothing wrong. I sent my phone in with a video showing the problems, but nothing is wrong they say... Anyone elses Dura Force Pro 2 doing this?

  2. A Rocco1171

    A Rocco1171 Lurker

    Mine definitely turns the volume down randomly. I also dont get text message notifications, unless I open the messaging app itself. I cant update it either. I have used Verizon's software tool, but that doesnt work either. I cant find any firmware at all for this phone as well. I have been able to get it into EDL mode, but really cant do much. The phone is a beast, but without root, and the optimization that comes with root, I will not continue with Kyocera in the future. i just factory reset it. Kyocera support sucks pretty bad too.
  3. LDJames

    LDJames Lurker

    Yesterday My alarm went off but it didn't show up on screen like it normally does so I can turn it off, I had to open the app to shut it off. Today the alarm just didn't work. I checked the volume and it was up all the way. I've also had issues with apps (Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, games, phone) closing on their own. This seems to have started with the last update. I have done a factory reset, but they still close on their own and update status says I'm up to date. Be glad when enough people have these problems and they fix it.

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