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Kyocera Duraforce

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brian beattie, Jul 29, 2015.

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    I purchased a Duraforce not that long ago. After having it for maybe a week, I dropped it for the first time. The phone landed on it's face after falling about two feet and it completely shattered the screen and damaging the LCD. So, after some convincing from their "technical support" I sent it back to have it repaired. That was over two weeks ago and they just now got back to me stating that LCD damage is NOT covered under warranty. They then gave me three options, 1. I can pay them more money to fix the screen; 2. I can PAY THEM to send my phone back to me; Or 3. I can choose neither 1 or 2 and they will dispose of it. I know.. It's my fault right? I mean, I accidentally let it fall.. and as a result of my mishap it broke. Before I reached down to pick it up, guess what went through my mind.. their commercial where Mr. Grylls throws it from atop a waterfall and it lands on a rock.. on it's face.. I guess with a name like DURABLE FORCE I expected too much.

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    That's gay dude I just bought one...
  3. These phones seem more heavy than durable.. It would be a great idea if it worked!

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