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kyocera rise virgin mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carolmarie4555, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. carolmarie4555

    Thread Starter

    please i need help... for days now i have continually searched, read and asked for solutions within my abilities. i am having multiple issues but i'll start with the 2 most annoying. apparently my phone has a terrible glitch, what appears to be the notification bar and something else in numerous strips facing the opposite direction of the phone flashes across my screen all the time including turning itself off at times... then there is what seems easy to others but not me, transferring my images, music and such to my sd card. i hope someone can help me...

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  2. mel4787

    mel4787 Android Enthusiast

    i have this phone and still work on it. what do you need for things to run smoothly
  3. carolmarie4555

    Thread Starter

    wow... not sure really i do know i would really like that glitch to be gone kind of hoping that would also take care of it flipping pages by itself, freezing and turning off... it is my third one because of issues, i am glad they do exchanges. i think this one is worse than the other two... anyway thank you for any help...
  4. mel4787

    mel4787 Android Enthusiast

    np. ive done a lot of switching and modding to mine and happy with it. diwhat happened when the glitches started
  5. carolmarie4555

    Thread Starter

    honestly i don't even know, just one day a ghost moved into my phone.
  6. carolmarie4555

    Thread Starter

    by a ghost i meant that my phone turns itself off and on, when i am entering anything it will jump to another page or the launch screen. i believe i have mentioned the lines of stuff that flash over my screen. this iss all so frustrating.
  7. mel4787

    mel4787 Android Enthusiast

    Try a factory reset. That shouldn't d fix things

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