Kyrocera Brigadier won't turn on


We were at the lake, the phone was left in the tent and completely died.. when we got home we plugged it in to charge, and nothing. The LED light won't turn on when plugged in and phone won't turn on. Before you ask about water damage, there is none. The phone was in the tent in a suitcase the entire time.. when plugged in if you toggle the volume buttons while holding the power button the green LED light will come on but phone will still not power on.. I tried a soft reset since the battery can't be removed and nothing..
Try pressing and holding just the power button by itself?
If you get nothing after holding it down for 30 seconds and several tries, the phone may be smoked, or my best guess otherwise would be the battery let go.
Sometimes batteries just die without notice. It's happened to me before, and yes, even plugging in won't power it on.
Only other option you have is sending it to Kyocera and go from there. The battery can indeed be replaced, but I'd advise letting Kyocera do it if you want to keep it waterproof, as Hydro phones are a nightmare to take apart, and the water seals are destroyed upon disassembly.