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Kyrocera Duraforce Wifi Issue (maybe)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by XgeorgeX, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. XgeorgeX

    XgeorgeX Newbie
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    I picked up the Duraforce Pro to use as a GPS on my motorcycle. My hope was to keep my other phone (iPhone) in my jacket pocket with the Duraforce mounted to the handlebars. Then have my iPhone act as a hotspot in my pocket so the Duraforce has an internet connection, it's currently just a phone with no service. That way I can use things like Spotify and Pandora with the phone that was on the handlebars, allowing me to still control that stuff.

    My issue is that when the android phone tries to connect to the hotspot I'm getting an authentication error. I know the login is right. I can also connect my other two laptops (Mac and linux) to the hotspot, as well as an iPad and roku. That makes me think it's something with the android phone not meshing with the iPhone. The android phone can connect to my house wifi fine. I tried a few troubleshooting things to no avail. It's running version 7.1 of android and I think it's updating as I write this. I say I think because I keep getting the message "system update not available because an update is in progress" when I click on check for updates.

    Has anyone else seen this issue with the iPhone XS hotspot before? If so have you been able to resolve it. It's not the end of the world because I can connect via bluetooth and user the internet that way. However I would still like to use the wifi hotspot option.

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  2. Thefotochef

    Thefotochef Lurker

    I have the kyocera phone for 2 years and can connect to my wife's or daughter's iPhone with no problem.
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