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L70 D325f8(V10e) Fully Flashable StockROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ClauvanPdST, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. ClauvanPdST

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    Android 4.4.2 KitKat
    LG invested time to repackage a ROM, only to remove old versions of Facebook and Twitter, and not cogitated make any more relevant update? (This is a bad joke).

    I started developing Fully Flashable versions, and in subsequent posts, you will see the new direction taken and progress that this little work took.

    StockROM base: L70 D325f8 V10e “D325f810e_00_0205.kdz” Release Date [2016-02-05 18:37:44]
    Note: Why it is in the list of the F70? I cannot explain you. But I inform you that I reached this rom through my IMEI itself and my Phone is a L70 with the 8mbpx rear cam.

    Project 01:
    File name:

    Note: For root you just need to flash the SuperSU before rebooting. If you restart without flash SuperSU with this original ROM, you must go through all the procedures to root your phone. Because you'll be with locked bootloader and unrooted.

    Project 02:
    File name:


    * Aboot D325 patched. Stay free pink screen! hehehee
    * “twrp-3.0.2-0-20160407-w5.zip”
    Note: For root you only need to enter the recovery and flash the SuperSU.

    Unpack the "*.7z" file and have fan!

    Stop here. It is the original ROM and function properly.
    But if you want a little adventure... Continue with the steps described in the posts below!
    If you are a beginner, you'll have a good learning and your phone will work much better!


    All staff who helped indirectly through their work (updater-scripts)!

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  2. ClauvanPdST

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    Project 03:
    Script Module part01:

    List of apps removed by Script:

    Code (Text):
    1. "/cache/fota",
    2. "/data/fota",
    3. "/system/etc/fota",
    4. "/system/media/audio");
    5. "/lgdms.fota_update.rc",
    6. "/lgdms.fota.rc",
    7. "/sbin/lge_fota_launcher",
    8. "/sbin/lge_fota",
    9. "/system/app/LGFOTA.apk",
    10. "/system/app/LGFOTA.odex",
    11. "/system/etc/com.lge.videoplayer.xml",
    12. "/system/etc/permissions/com.lge.fota.xml",
    13. "/system/framework/com.lge.fota.odex",
    14. "/system/framework/com.lge.fota.jar",
    15. "/system/lib/libfotajni.so",
    16. "/system/usbautorun.iso",
    17. "/system/app/Books.apk",
    18. "/system/app/Books.odex",
    19. "/system/app/CloudPrint.apk",
    20. "/system/app/CloudPrint.odex",
    21. "/system/app/ChromeWithBrowser.apk",
    22. "/system/app/ChromeWithBrowser.odex",
    23. "/system/app/Gmail2.apk",
    24. "/system/app/Gmail2.odex",
    25. "/system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk",
    26. "/system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.odex",
    27. "/system/app/GoogleDrive.apk",
    28. "/system/app/GoogleDrive.odex",
    29. "/system/app/GoogleTTS.apk",
    30. "/system/app/GoogleTTS.odex",
    31. "/system/app/Hangouts.apk",
    32. "/system/app/Hangouts.odex",
    33. "/system/app/LGAppCleanup.apk",
    34. "/system/app/LGAppCleanup.odex",
    35. "/system/app/LGDefaultAccount.apk",
    36. "/system/app/LGDefaultAccount.odex",
    37. "/system/app/LGDivXDRM.apk",
    38. "/system/app/LGDivXDRM.odex",
    39. "/system/app/LGEasySettings.apk",
    40. "/system/app/LGEasySettings.odex",
    41. "/system/app/LGDMSClient.apk",
    42. "/system/app/LGDMSClient.odex",
    43. "/system/app/LGDrm.apk",
    44. "/system/app/LGDrm.odex",
    45. "/system/app/LGEasySettings.apk",
    46. "/system/app/LGEasySettings.odex",
    47. "/system/app/LGEIME.apk",
    48. "/system/app/LGEIME.odex",
    49. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_LOVELY.apk",
    50. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_LOVELY.odex",
    51. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_NATURAL.apk",
    52. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_NATURAL.odex",
    53. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_BLACK.apk",
    54. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_BLACK.odex",
    55. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_ZEEBLACK.apk",
    56. "/system/app/LGEIME_THEME_ZEEBLACK.odex",
    57. "/system/app/LGFmRadio.apk",
    58. "/system/app/LGFmRadio.odex",
    59. "/system/app/LGMemoWidget.apk",
    60. "/system/app/LGMemoWidget.odex",
    61. "/system/app/LGPCSuiteUI.apk",
    62. "/system/app/LGPCSuiteUI.odex",
    63. "/system/app/LGSearchWidgetProvider.apk",
    64. "/system/app/LGSearchWidgetProvider.odex",
    65. "/system/app/LGWeather.apk",
    66. "/system/app/LGWeather.odex",
    67. "/system/app/LGWeatherTheme.apk",
    68. "/system/app/LGWeatherTheme.odex",
    69. "/system/app/LicenseProvider.apk",
    70. "/system/app/LicenseProvider.odex",
    71. "/system/app/Magazines.apk",
    72. "/system/app/Magazines.odex",
    73. "/system/app/Maps.apk",
    74. "/system/app/Maps.odex",
    75. "/system/app/Music2.apk",
    76. "/system/app/Music2.odex",
    77. "/system/app/PlayGames.apk",
    78. "/system/app/PlayGames.odex",
    79. "/system/app/PlusOne.apk",
    80. "/system/app/PlusOne.odex",
    81. "/system/app/Street.apk",
    82. "/system/app/Street.odex",
    83. "/system/app/talkback.apk",
    84. "/system/app/talkback.odex",
    85. "/system/app/UnifiedEULA.apk",
    86. "/system/app/UnifiedEULA.odex",
    87. "/system/app/Videos.apk",
    88. "/system/app/Videos.odex",
    89. "/system/app/YouTube.apk",
    90. "/system/app/YouTube.odex",
    91. "/system/apps/bootup/LGBoxnet.apk",
    92. "/system/apps/bootup/LGFlashlightWidget.apk",
    93. "/system/apps/bootup/LGSmartWorld.apk",
    94. "/system/apps/bootup/LGTaskManager.apk",
    95. "/system/apps/bootup/LGThinkFreeViewer.apk",
    96. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.android.calculator2.apk",
    97. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.android.calendar.apk",
    98. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.app.richnote.apk",
    99. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.appbox.client.apk",
    100. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.appwidget.clock.apk",
    101. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.clock.apk",
    102. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.easyhome.apk",
    103. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.email.apk",
    104. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.eula.apk",
    105. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.filemanager.apk",
    106. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.fmradio.apk",
    107. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.lmk.apk",
    108. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.music.apk",
    109. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.settings.easy.apk",
    110. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.sizechangable.weather.apk",
    111. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.task.apk",
    112. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.videoplayer.apk",
    113. "/system/cust/overlay/app/com.lge.videotool.apk",
    114. "/system/media/bootanimation.zip",
    115. "/system/priv-app/GmsCore.apk",
    116. "/system/priv-app/GmsCore.odex",
    117. "/system/priv-app/LGAlarmClock.apk",
    118. "/system/priv-app/LGAlarmClock.odex",
    119. "/system/priv-app/LGApplicationManager.apk",
    120. "/system/priv-app/LGApplicationManager.odex",
    121. "/system/priv-app/LGBackup.apk",
    122. "/system/priv-app/LGBackup.odex",
    123. "/system/priv-app/LGCalculator.apk",
    124. "/system/priv-app/LGCalculator.odex",
    125. "/system/priv-app/LGCalendar.apk",
    126. "/system/priv-app/LGCalendar.odex",
    127. "/system/priv-app/LGCalendarProvider.apk",
    128. "/system/priv-app/LGCalendarProvider.odex",
    129. "/system/priv-app/LGClockWidget.apk",
    130. "/system/priv-app/LGClockWidget.odex",
    131. "/system/priv-app/LGEasyHome.apk",
    132. "/system/priv-app/LGEasyHome.odex",
    133. "/system/priv-app/LGEmail.apk",
    134. "/system/priv-app/LGEmail.odex",
    135. "/system/priv-app/LGFileManager.apk",
    136. "/system/priv-app/LGFileManager.odex",
    137. "/system/priv-app/LGGallery.apk",
    138. "/system/priv-app/LGGallery.odex",
    139. "/system/priv-app/LGInstallService.apk",
    140. "/system/priv-app/LGInstallService.odex",
    141. "/system/priv-app/LGLiveWallpapersPicker.apk",
    142. "/system/priv-app/LGLiveWallpapersPicker.odex",
    143. "/system/priv-app/LGMemo.apk",
    144. "/system/priv-app/LGMemo.odex",
    145. "/system/priv-app/LGMessage.apk",
    146. "/system/priv-app/LGMessage.odex",
    147. "/system/priv-app/LGMusic.apk",
    148. "/system/priv-app/LGMusic.odex",
    149. "/system/priv-app/LGMusicWidget.apk",
    150. "/system/priv-app/LGMusicWidget.odex",
    151. "/system/priv-app/LGPCSuite.apk",
    152. "/system/priv-app/LGPCSuite.odex",
    153. "/system/priv-app/LGStreamingPlayer.apk",
    154. "/system/priv-app/LGStreamingPlayer.odex",
    155. "/system/priv-app/LGTasks.apk",
    156. "/system/priv-app/LGTasks.odex",
    157. "/system/priv-app/LGUpdateCenter.apk",
    158. "/system/priv-app/LGUpdateCenter.odex",
    159. "/system/priv-app/LGVidClip.apk",
    160. "/system/priv-app/LGVidClip.odex",
    161. "/system/priv-app/LGVideos.apk",
    162. "/system/priv-app/LGVideos.odex",
    163. "/system/priv-app/MLT.apk",
    164. "/system/priv-app/MLT.odex",
    165. "/system/priv-app/Phonesky.apk",
    166. "/system/priv-app/Phonesky.odex",
    167. "/system/priv-app/Velvet.apk",
    168. "/system/priv-app/Velvet.odex",
    169. "/system/vendor/carrier/system/LGRemoteCall.apk");
    After application script, StockROM to be processed into coreROM.

    When you run this script you will be compelled to comply with the Script Module part02: L70D325_part02_system-apps(coreROM_complement)[TuksOID].7z” for a functional system core.

    Thus, some LG apps (even if they are considered bloatwares) were maintained.
    * MLT LG SPY (removed);
    * Official BootAnimation changed to Speedo BootAnimation;
    * Removed and added new ringtones;
    * Google Play Services and Play Store have been replaced by updated versions;
    * externalSD fix (patched);
    * Extensive Test... OK!
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  3. ClauvanPdST

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    Make Backup your partitions "/aboot", "/boot", "/recovery" and "/system" to your MicroSD with TWRP Backup tool.

    Proceed to Partitioning Step.

    All non-essential apps were removed.

    With the reduction of the partition “/system”, we can increase the “/data.
    If you want to do it, apply the Partition Resizing Patch.

    This tool was modeled based on "Partition Table Tool 1.0.5 for LG L70 (D325 / D320n / D320) by @vladimirs77".

    And now, have eight options (From "Minimum" to "Stock" partition sizes):
    The Option: ModStock (it is recommended for this procedure).
    * “/system” of 1573mb (stock size) to 1160mb;
    * “/cache” of 262mb (size stock) to 32MB;
    * “/data (internalSD)” to 1573mb (stock size) to 2287mb.

    Note: you apply this resizer 3 times. All the times automaticaly reboot recovery.

    * First time: Upgrade TWRP version to 3.0.2-0 with Partition Manager;
    * Second Time: Prepare for Repartitioning (You will see many errors in “red”. It is normal.);
    * Third Time: Repartitioning successful.

    Now you dont need to reflash Recovery!

    But keep the image file of recoverytwrp-3.0.2-0-20160407-w5 by @vm03" on your MicroSD, you can click “Install”, “Images...”, select the file in “/sdcard”, check the “recovery” and “Swipe to Confirm Flash”.

    * Fourth Time: The Paramount Step: after the repartitioning is complete you should use TWRP Restore submenu to restore backups of your partitions.
    Not reflash the StockROM. The system partition is too large to be placed in the new partition size. You return to the original partition, Because StockROM flash the Stock Partition Table too. You end up just wasting your work and time invested until now.

    Install: "BusyBox-v1.28.0", "SRx-SuperSU-v2.82-SRx", and reboot.

    If you format your MicroSD, do not panic! You will connect to the PC via MTP directly through TWRP (look the “mount” submenu).

    I do not know about the camera's D325f8 in MM, but I gave up testing for a while and returned to the stock.
    I need my camera in full operating. So, I made my own Stock Build with updated Google Play Services and Google Play Store and more space in /data (InternalSD).

    The ROM is best enjoyed with some space in "/system" and increase "/data" partition.
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    Other Apps that require periodic updates were transferred to “/data”. You must install the Script Module part03 (optional)L70D325_part03_data-apps(coreROM_complement)[TuksOID].7z”. For the full functioning of Apps, before applying the “part03”, you must format the “/data” partition.

    So be warned:

    You should skip the Google Account login step in StartupWizard because you will be stuck in the verification screen in two stages, due to replacement of the App “LGMessage” by “Google Messaging” (is present in the Script Module part03 (optional)L70D325_part03_data-apps(coreROM_complement)[TuksOID].7z”), in which you receive the SMS with the verification code.
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    Project 04:

    You must be wondering: Why CoreROM? Only because it is what remains of the original ROM, which allows you to install your apps the way you want without the space occupation with the factory apps or user restrictions of your smartphone (sdcard read-only without root permission, etc.) but also maintaining system functionality.

    Example: removing LGmusic.apk. The script removes this app, but an updated version has been maintained and is in 'part03' package.
    But why? Because without this app you can not set up adding new ringtones. It may even be irrelevant, but it's a losing functionality. And I do not want it!

    Version created and defined in the previous steps. However, by following the above steps, the tests I made, the system is more fluid than through direct installation through this version. Maybe I'm not knowing extract the system partition correctly, it may be that! Would anyone could give me a hint?

    You are free to uninstall, simply want!
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  6. ian91

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    Print da rom??
  7. ClauvanPdST

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    Looks like the official rom!
    Only swapped the "LG BootAnimation" by "Speedo BootAnimation".
  8. ian91

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    É possivel muda a systemui pra ficar igual ao do android 5.0 no android 4.4.2?

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  9. Mystery_Flasher

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    This is an English speaking forum and you need to stick to this rule to get the answer :)
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