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Nov 13, 2009
Austin, TX
Can't find the full version of labyrinth.
Searched Market place and no luck.

Found it on but if I use the QR code from my droid it does a search on Market place, and no true surprise but it doesn't find it.

I see several reviews for the full product. Which kinda implies it is available.

Anyone have an idea where it is available?

Labrynth was removed from the market about 4 months ago. Very fusterating because it sold well.

I checked and this version of Labrynth comes up:


Its 2.99 EUR.
Ok, so if I use that QR it tries to find that application on Market.
If I got to I can find it but I don't find anyway to download/pay for this application.
If you go to the games official web site they say the full version is coming soon.

What am I missing?
I also want the full version. Everytime I go on the market I check to see if it has been made available. I have a feeling there are a lot of us waiting for it.
any of u guyz played labyrinth on the new tattoo ?
it works well, but the i cant see the whole screen, parts of it are missing. anybody else had this problem ?

Doesnt work for me, so im guessing it was removed because it was glitchy,

Lite version works fine though, :thinking: